New Mexico’s Democratic governor is balancing competing pressures from environmental activists and the fossil fuel industry as she seeks reelection in 2022 in a major region for oil production.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham returns to the podium for a scheduled annual gathering of oil industry executives next week, two years after she vowed her administration would work on behalf of the fossil fuel industry and help New Mexico become the nation’s No. 2 oil producer.

At the same time, the first-term governor has indicated an interest in attending next month’s United Nations Climate Conference in Scotland, where world leaders will talk about accelerating action toward the goals of the Paris Agreement to slow global warming.

An email exchange among top administration officials outlines the opportunity to travel to Scotland in cooperation with the Energy Futures Initiative, a project led by Ernest Moniz, former secretary of energy under President Barack Obama. Lujan Grisham spokeswoman Nora Meyers Sackett said the event “would certainly be an exciting opportunity,” though travel plans are not final.

The two forums highlight Lujan Grisham’s challenges in overseeing a state government that is increasingly dependent on income from oil and natural gas production — while attempting to chart a course toward cleaner energy sources.

At least seven Republicans are exploring a run for their party’s nomination for governor, including failed prior candidates for Congress and Senate. Early contenders run the gamut from education services entrepreneur and state Rep. Rebecca Dow of Truth or Consequences, to military veteran-turned-Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block and Albuquerque shooting range owner Louie Sanchez.

New Mexico state and local governments — and public schools, in particular — rely heavily on income from the oil and natural gas industry. That dependence has grown since Lujan Grisham won election in 2018, according to the Legislature’s budget and accountability office.

As economic activity has rebounded from early pandemic restrictions, New Mexico oil production has reached record levels, recently exceeding 1.2 million barrels a day.

Lujan Grisham has cautioned President Joe Biden against efforts to curb oil production on public lands because it would affect her ability to achieve goals like universal access to early childhood education. A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s suspension of new oil and gas leases on federal land and water.

The governor’s stance has been disheartening among advocates for a faster transition to clean energy sources such as solar and wind power, amid natural disasters and extreme weather linked to climate change.

They include Seneca Johnson of Santa Fe, a recent high school graduate and registered Democrat who voted for the first time in 2020. She says the clamor for oil income to support public education holds a bitter irony for youths in a state where academic proficiency among K-12 students trails most or all states.

“Growing up, I had heard that oil and gas is paying for our education,” said Johnson, who joined an anti-fracking protest of about 200 people outside the governor’s office in the state Capitol in late September. “This system doesn’t really seem to work in the first place.”

Political science professor Lonna Atkeson said the governor is among politicians who are accountable to constituents who work in the oil fields of southeastern New Mexico.

“That’s really important in the south, those interests,” she said. “You live with your constituents here. You’re supposed to be sensitive to their needs.”

Lujan Grisham has set herself apart from a Republican predecessor in supporting new restrictions on local oilfield pollution and establishing future quotas in state statue for renewable energy production.

State oil and gas regulators adopted rules earlier this year to limit venting and flaring as a way to reduce local releases of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Newly proposed rules are aimed at reducing oil industry contributions to ground-level ozone.

Reelection would give Lujan Grisham unprecedented influence over the future of renewable energy in New Mexico by allowing her to appoint the next Public Regulation Commission that oversees electrical utilities in 2023. A state constitutional amendment, approved by voters in 2020, ended direct election of the commission.

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(42) comments

Mike Johnson

Yo, Mr. Fields, news you can use....."Coal prices soared to their highest on record as China accelerated a global struggle for resources that has brought the dirtiest fossil fuel roaring back.

High-quality thermal coal loaded on ships at Newcastle port in Australia surged to $203.20 a ton, breaking the previous record set in July 2008. That’s the benchmark price for Asia, the world’s largest market for the fuel by far."

joe martinez

Chuckle...Mike Johnson, you are taking heat here because you want to live in the real world. Goes against the sky-is-falling crowd. The USA is the greatest country in the world for a number of reasons, one of which is the economy. Our economy is great because of capitalism, technology, and great natural resources such as oil, gas, and coal. One farmer can produce enough food for thousands with the huge high-end farm equipment that runs on fossil fuel. The huge 18-wheelers that transport use gasoline. The heavy duty highway equipment that can pour hot tar on the spot will not function with batteries. The airline industry is a huge part of our economy. People don't fly simply for pleasure. Airplanes need fossil fuel. Bumper to bumper traffic between Santa Fe and abq at any and all hours while the silly Richardson train runs empty in both directions. Drill baby drill. As Clinton aide Carville said, it's the economy st****

Mike Johnson

Thank you, nice to know rational, logical people also comment here.

Robert Fields

While you and Mike get all cozy, my hope is that there are enough people around with functional eyes, ears, and brains to realize all that luscious oil, gas, and coal are wreaking havoc with the climate, killing off species, and reducing crop yields.

Yes, it’s been quite the party but the room is trashed and now the bills are coming due.

You are either deluded or just don’t care what’s happening and what that means for future generations and even those alive now. At some point if we continue on this course there won’t be an economy but no convincing you.

Joe, the thing is that the facts are what they are. I wish they weren’t but wishing won’t change anything. I’ve been keeping up with all this stuff from early in my career. The data has been conclusive and clear for over three decades if you paid attention. Most didn’t realize we were committing mass suicide because the weather was still pretty normal. But the data showed what was happening and predicted what was coming. I told friends what the projections were and very few believed me. But now those projections are all coming true and my friends have been touching base to say they get it now. Yay vindication? I would have much rather been wrong. Really. I wish you and Mike were right but both of you are dead wrong. Massively wrong. Inescapably wrong. Wrong.

I don’t have to worry at all about being right. It’s not about being right anyway. The physics and chemistry of global warming are indisputable. The models fit. The projections are dire and we can already see the results playing out in real time. You don’t need any degree at all now to look at a graph of the earth’s average temperature and see that our future for the next few decades is already written and all this stuff is just going to get worse. The longer we delay real action, the longer temperatures are going to keep rising. Eventually it’s going to be too hot to feed ourselves. Crops will just die in the fields instead of just seeing reduced yields. Look at temperature records being set over and over. 19 of the last 20 years have been the world’s hottest.

The planet is still quite habitable but temperatures are increasing and the rate of increase is itself increasing. July was the hottest month for the earth in recorded history. The coming years are very/extremely likely to keep breaking records. With the trend unquestionably established, we would be fools not to do whatever it takes to stop that.

So party on. Make fun. Ridicule and moan about how nothing can change. Thing is, if we don’t change, weather will keep getting more unpredictable and severe and eventually more and more of the world will experience famine. This is absolute certainty if we don’t do anything. Try explaining why a world seeing constantly increasing temperatures wouldn’t eventually get too hot and crops die. I’d love to hear it.

And you are wrong about so much of what you claim isn’t possible. Oil and gas are very handy fuels but they are just chemicals and chemicals can be made synthetically. The US military is working on fossil fuel substitutes. They have to. It’s in their charter to protect the country.

Others are also looking hard at alternatives. Easy? No. More costly? Depends on how you look at. What’s the cost of an uninhabitable city because there isn’t enough water? What’s the cost of state-sized areas lost to fire? What’s the cost of massive areas inundated by rising oceans or floods? You cry about the economy but conveniently ignore all the other costs of global warming.

It’s not the economy. It’s the climate. And green energy creates jobs while stimulating the economy. You ignore that too. You ignore so much, Joe.

Sasha Pyle

We MUST decouple education funding from fossil fuels extraction! Who ever thought that was a great idea back in the day, it ain’t now. And Mike Johnson, that market-driven solution you claim to advocate would have happened decades ago if this corrupt industry had not lied to the public and received huge subsidies of taxpayer dollars. Subsidies completely undermine market-driven change and you should know that.

Mike Johnson

I'm curious, when you say "decouple education funding from fossil fuels extraction", what exactly do you mean? Do you mean no fossil fuels tax revenues, to the tune of almost $5 billion per year in NM, be earmarked for something other than education? Should no fossil fuels revenues be used for education? If so, where will you get the funds for education? As for "subsidies" for fossil fuels (as opposed to direct payments to buy EVs, mandates to only use renewable energy, etc.where left wing governments tip the scales against cheaper fossil fuels), they, for the most part, except % depletion allowance (only available to small companies), are the same tax breaks and advantages all capital intensive industries receive, look at the facts, not your politics:

Robert Fields

“If so, where will you get the funds for education?”

Exactly the position for the state you and the fossil fuel industry hoped for, eh, Mike? “There’s no alternatives!”, they yelled!

I saw an NM fossil fuel industry PR TV ad the other day as they touted the oil and gas benefits for NM children. What they left out was how that same industry was robbing our children's future, edging their state to uninhabitability, etc, ad nauseum. The fossil fuel industry loves these choices because people like you give up and want everyone else to give up too.

Mike, NM is in the catbird seat for alternative energy. We have more sunlight than most of the rest of the USA. We also have pretty good wind potential. We could capitalize on this to much greater extent if you and your ilk would just get out of the way with your smokescreens and let others see the the real reality for themselves.

Oil and gas subsidies should be directed to transmission lines and solar and wind buildouts. Not only can we reduce NM’s contribution to global warming, we can sell the energy we produce to other states.

That’s how we get funding for schools, create jobs, and start cleaning up the mess your friends in the fossil fuel industry have made.

Mike Johnson

You are naive and don't know much about business if you think NM being the solar and wind electricity provider to other states will come anywhere close to replacing the almost $5 billion in revenues the petroleum industry provides. Do you plan to levy a high royalty and severance tax on any electricity produced? If so, the industry will not locate here, and that is about the only way to even come close. Try again.

Robert Fields


Mike Johnson

Another good reference debunking these so-called "subsidies"....

Jim Klukkert

One of the more vocal Fossil Fuel Proponents pretty much sums up the more beneficent O&G attitude with this comment: " I don't have grandchildren, probably never will at the rate my kids are going, so I am not concerned what happens in a hundred years or more, not my problem to solve and no one I know will be alive then anyway."

One might hope the damage wreaked by Climate Change would be delayed by a century, though clearly it's happening NOW.

The reality is that Big Energy is neither beneficent nor benevolent, having suppressed its own research that showed Fossil Fuel use drives Climate Disruption, and worse, funding the False Science of Climate Change Deniers.

For what, one might ask? Is it Greed, or Power, or simply a Sickness?

No matter what it is, it is a Foolishness so Profound as to defy all Humanity.

The same proponent quoted Mahatma Gandhi. There is some Irony!

Mike Johnson

May as well show my entire comment in context Jim, in response to doing something about climate change: "I suggest you personally do something about all this, remember the great man's words:“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi" So, never drive a car that runs on fossil fuels, never use any electricity generated by fossil fuels, never buy or use any products made from fossil fuels. You can be the change you want to see in the world, it just takes YOUR commitment and dedication, si se puede!"

Jim Klukkert

Mike Johnson-

1. Seems you took care of showing your entire comment, though I am not sure it helps your argument in the least.

2. What does help your argument is your sophistry. It is a rhetorical fallacy to exaggerate the position of an opponent. You exaggerate my position when you suggest that I believe it right to "never drive a car that runs on fossil fuels, never use any electricity generated by fossil fuels, never buy or use any products made from fossil fuels."

Right now I am using a computer, no doubt dependent upon Fossil Fuels for manufacture, marketing, delivery and power. Later, I and my friends will use Fossil Fuel dependent tools, and will come and go, all in the effort to transition away from Fossil Fuels. This is the sort of practical compromise we must make in this economy, to get this job done.

To be clear: It is extremely foolish of anyone to suggest that we must immediately abandon all Fossil Fuel dependent items in the contemporary world. I know of no one who has advocated such a position.

The Road away from Fossil Fuels towards Sustainable Renewables is no doubt a long one of compromise, missteps and trepidation. It is a good road, the only road, for humanity, and we are already making progress.

We are the change we want to see in the world, we have the dedication, we have made that commitment.

Join us, Mike, please. We can use your help, it's all hands on deck.

Mike Johnson

Jim, I quoted Gandhi because he believed in personal action and commitment in achieving a goal, not complaining about others. The way I read your comment was that I was invoking him in some nefarious way, I was not, I think people need to do this themselves and not worry about what others are doing and whining and moaning about other people. I recycle everything (I spend much time sorting and going to different bins at the county dump), I conserve water from my well, and propane from my tank, and always turn off lights not needed and use LED bulbs, never waste even a scrap of food, combine car trips, etc. I do not waste energy, or anything else. But that is a personal view, I don't expect everyone else to do it, but would hope they would if the are pontificating about saving the earth by removing all fossil fuels. When I see how some live, travel, work, etc., like Algore and John Kerry, I doubt it. I am glad you know the transition will be long, and that compromise and practicality must happen. I have no problem with the transition, as long as it is like that. A knee-jerk, Green New Deal approach is the antithesis of that. And of course as a Democratic Capitalist, I would prefer the market drive the transition, not government edicts, subsidies, mandates, and government force. Many people react negatively to forced government intervention and that will make it longer and more difficult, IMO, than a rational, market driven transformation, which of course will eventually happen as the earth cannot provide the massive amounts of cheap fossil fuels we are using today forever. It will happen, but I am sure I , my kids, and any kids they may have will be gone from the earth by that time. How patient, committed, and deliberate are you for it? It will take many people to decide to just do it, personal sacrifice will be needed, Gandhi's words are not irrelevant.

Robert Fields

Mike is a bundle of contradictions. His various positions here are inconsistent. He claims consequences of global warming are still way out in the future as he denies warming’s role in fire, flood, hurricane, etc, disasters, but then posts links claiming it’s too big and too present to do anything about.

Mike also calls fighting global warming a socialist redistribution of wealth but presumably supports road projects so he can drive his precious Corvettes. Mike supports redistribution of wealth but only when it benefits him. What say you, Mike? True?

Mike is either senile or just supremely selfish and self-centered. He got his so to hades with everyone else. His posts would indicate it’s not senility, though.

There’s a whole lot of Gandhi quotes Mike misses for some reason. Just like his claimed 30 mpg value for his Corvette, Mike cherry picks to support his point of view. He is deceptive. The combined value on a 2021 Corvette is 19 mpg. But sure, he might get 30 downhill. So he quotes 30 mpg hoping nobody will check. The 2021 Corvette is rated at 15 city and 27 highway for 19 combined. The Corvette is a muscle car. 30 mpg is laughable as an overall number but Mike tried to present it like that.

I’ve been trying to understand his motivation since I first saw his posts but I think we’re finally close - he thinks he won’t bear the brunt of global warming and his kids won’t either. The rest of humanity? Who the heck cares? Not his problem. Pure selfish self-centeredness.

Mike is just a sideshow and a distraction. We have to refute his garbage though. He provides comfort for others like him who only care about themselves and don’t give a whiff about the rest of humanity. And as Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”

Mike Johnson

Your odd obsession with me and my motives is very strange. It's easy to see what yours are however. My management training taught me to work in my Circle of Influence, be a proactive person, be focused on those people I know, respect, and find value in our interactions, friends and family primarily. They are the ones I am concerned about, and, no, I do not feel any of them have anything to fear from global warming. You are what we were warned not to be, a person focusing on their Circle of Concern, a reactive person, working on things they have little to no control over, usually a very unsuccessful and frustrated person. I know many left wing types like you, and I feel sorry for you, you are missing out on so much of life.

Robert Fields

No, Mike. The reason I focus on you is because of the damage you do and misinformation you are trying to spread. We already know your motivation - you literally don’t care about anyone else or what happens to future generations. This planet seems to be your toilet.

Mike Johnson

I guess now is not the time to tell you I have been giving 1 hour PowerPoint lectures with the title: "AGW... Science or Political Science?" at many high school science classes and university colloquia for many should catch one sometime, you might learn something.....[lol][lol][lol]

joe martinez

If it's environmental activists that have any political effect, she should ignore them. They won't vote Republican. As for "clean energy", the effect on climate by fossil fuel we use in NM is zero. Zero. We could go off completely and have no effect. But it would make those who seek validation happy. We export most of the oil we drill for so preventing other states from burning it would also make some of us feel good. In the meantime, the price of gasoline, natural gas, and electricity are shooting up. Who gets hurt the most. The thousands of commuters between abq and Santa Fe are paying the price. I doubt they're all rich and can afford it. Standard of living requires energy. China and India won't relax. Climate is changing, has always changed, and will continue to change. The world's gonna end and the poor and minorities will be the hardest hit.

Mike Johnson


Robert Fields

“As for "clean energy", the effect on climate by fossil fuel we use in NM is zero. Zero. We could go off completely and have no effect.”

It’s hard to argue with such nonsense. You emphasize zero effect but your claim is pure hyperbole. NM’s contribution is not zero but compared to the world as a whole it is small.

But if NM does nothing then other states can point to us and use us an an excuse to not do anything either. If all states do that, then the US does nothing and other countries can point to us as their justification for doing nothing.

Every bit matters. We all have to do our parts. You and Mike go play somewhere and we will support NM efforts to fight global warming. It would be better with you but it’s better without another uninformed, self-centered voice lying about reality.

joe martinez

Other states point to us in NM as an example??As that tennis player shouts, you can't be serious.

Robert Fields

That was your take from my post? Joe, you take comfort in Mike’s refusal to help fight what fossil fuels are doing to the planet, just as I’m sure he takes comfort in your posts.

We have to start somewhere. Other states are doing things to get off oil and New Mexico is too. But we have to do more.

But it’s human nature - childish human behavior. How many kids have you seen point to other kids to use what others get away with to further their own agendas? He gets to stay up late, she gets ice cream, etc.

So yes, I actually am somewhat serious. Until we are all doing our part, anyone who doesn’t want to will indeed point to others and use them as an example of why rules shouldn’t apply. I suspect you and Mike would be right out in front on that one.

Mike Johnson

[thumbup] Maybe the others secretly want to be last in everything Joe?

Chris Mechels

As we expect from Michelle, she holds conflicting positions without discomfort. She "believes" in nothing, except being re-elected so, no problem. The only "reality" is votes, and PR can keep the voters in line.

She's disgusting, a little power junkie, incompetent at everything she's put her hand to, and then lying about her failures, including her dismissal as Secr of Health in 2007. Lies, lies, and more lies; that's Michelle. Even by New Mexico standards, she's pretty bad.

Mike Johnson

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]You took the words right out of my mouth......

Robert Fields

If only he could take all of them.

Jim Klukkert


Dottie Butler

Drilling for oil in New Mexico is a reality that has been with us for a long time and will be with us until we wean ourselves from fossil fuels. The sooner that happens the better.

Until then we might as well tax and regulate the oil industry to minimize the harm they're doing to our environment and maximize the tax revenue benefits for all New Mexicans.

I favor an aggressive approach to taxing and regulating the oil industry until we no longer need it. The sooner the better.

Mike Johnson

And what do you propose take its place for those billions per year in revenues? Pot? Wind and Solar?

Robert Fields

It’s still a lot but it isn’t “billions”. It’s $1.25 billion.

But, yes, wind and solar.

Mike Johnson

Actually, the direct revenue benefit in FY 2020 was $4.7 billion:

Now compare that to what leasing lands for alternative energy brought in: "But revenue from other activities on state lands, such as right-of-way payments and renewable energy generation, also grew significantly, State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard told the Journal.

Right-of-way income jumped 60 percent, from $15.4 million in FY 2018 to $24.7 million this past fiscal year. And revenue from solar and wind generation ballooned about eight fold, from $67,000 in land-lease payments last year to about $603,000 this year." Wow, $603,000 vs. $4.7 billion..........

Robert Fields


Mike Johnson

Can you say "cognitive dissonance"? BTW MLG, what happened to all the actions around your dramatic and forceful XO to save the earth? "The recent decision by our Governor, quoted in the SFNM: “To combat climate change, to keep New Mexico’s citizens safe, to protect the air we all breathe, it’s essential we adopt more stringent clean car standards that increase fuel economy and reduce emissions,” Lujan Grisham said in the statement. “It is environmentally and economically counterproductive to stall fuel economy standards as contemplated by the proposed federal rollbacks.”

And: "The new standards will raise the average fuel economy to 52 miles per gallon, compared with 37 miles per gallon under proposed federal rollbacks, the Governor’s Office said in a statement. The standards in New Mexico will be applied to new cars sold in the state beginning in model year 2022, the statement said.""

The 2022 model year has started for all new vehicles, but I don't notice anything different? So just more political grandstanding, virtue signaling, and of course hot air.

Robert Fields

This is the stranglehold of fossil fuels and why it’s up to us to reduce our own use. The fossil fuel industry is dragging their collective feet and sentencing the planet to more radical weather, more weather disasters, and eventually crop failures and famine. Species are disappearing at record rates and we now fit the requirements to have this era called a mass extinction event - maybe the last one we will know about since it could also include us.

It’s way past time to turn away from fossil fuels. The industry has been able to exploit uncertainty they themselves created and those who are just too lazy and set in their ways to change, as well as a whole lot of bought and paid for political power.

Every bit of waste and excess use gives them more power to influence elections. Vote. Take that power away and let our government reign these companies in. This whole article is about the power the fossil fuel companies have to push us down the wrong path. Take the power away from them. Conserving and switching to alternatives is a little inconvenient but so are all the weather disasters we are seeing.

Mike Johnson

I suggest you personally do something about all this, remember the great man's words:“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi" So, never drive a car that runs on fossil fuels, never use any electricity generated by fossil fuels, never buy or use any products made from fossil fuels. You can be the change you want to see in the world, it just takes YOUR commitment and dedication, si se puede!

Robert Fields

Yeah, Mike, I’m doing what I can. What are you doing? Buying the most gas guzzling vehicles you can, I see. You don’t want anyone doing anything because it exposes your waste and excess?

I’m still curious, Mike. You constantly yell for people to do nothing which you seem to acknowledge now seals our fate. What do you tell your grandkids about their future and your role in destroying it?

Mike Johnson

I'm doing nothing different than I have done for the last several decades. I don't have grandchildren, probably never will at the rate my kids are going, so I am not concerned what happens in a hundred years or more, not my problem to solve and no one I know will be alive then anyway. I don't like to waste energy, money, or time (although debating you makes me wonder), my new Corvette gets almost 30 MPG, and I am satisfied with that since there is no imminent disaster to avoid with global warming. However, I do encourage anyone, like you, to stop using anything connected to fossil fuels. I think you should follow the master's words above, this is about yourself, not me. If you see a problem, go for it and stop the fossil fuel habit. Who knows, maybe in a hundred years or so, they will give you a medal for saving the earth, and tisk, tisk at me for ignoring it all. That doesn't bother me at all.

Mike Johnson

And to help you visualize the problem, from the WSJ the other day: "In 2019, the latest complete year of data, 81% of the world’s energy supply came from fossil fuels, according to the International Energy Agency. Even if all nations were to fulfill their current climate promises in the Paris Accords, the IEA estimates that fossil-fuel use would still make up 73% by 2040."

Robert Fields

And yet another “don’t try to even slow this thing down” post.

What do you tell children? Really curious how you can come here day after day, preach that nobody should do anything and trying is pointless — when you presumably understand anything we do buys us time and keeps the crash from happening sooner.

Are you one of those armageddon types who actually thinks bringing on end times gets you to your heaven faster? Your god won’t be upset for destroying the garden?

What’s the motivation, doc? Why do you tell everyone not to do anything and anything they do is pointless - when in fact it isn’t?

Mike Johnson

Mr. Fields, I have never said "nobody should do anything", I do think most all of what is being done or will be done in NM is minuscule in the grand earth scheme of things and makes no difference. I encourage people to follow your values, if you think this is important, that is your opinion and so personally do something about it, doesn't bother me in the least. Now, if you want to force me to agree with your opinions and do as you do, no, that will not happen. What motivates me is reality, truth, and pragmatic approaches to any problem. I don't see much of any of that in the eco-socialist world of forcing people into action they do not believe in or endorse without solid scientific evidence these actions, and thus sacrifices, will accomplish anything.

Robert Fields

Argue all you want, Mike, but you do tell people what to do by constantly telling them anything they do is hopeless. The fact is, it’s not hopeless. We can at least slow things down and buy time. I don’t understand why that concept is so hard for you. Maybe humanity finds some answers and maybe they don’t, but we will at least have tried which is way more than can be said about you, except for trying to convince everyone to behave like you. Why do you so need others to validate you by mimicking your behavior? You could quietly keep right on with whatever you do instead of continually trying to recruit support but you don’t. You need validation for some reason.

No, I can’t make you do anything. The only thing I really would like you to do is get out of the way and stop trying to drag everyone else down with you. Don’t like MLG. Love your guns, big engines, or whatever else gets you excited. You don’t think we can stop this? You might be right, but again, everything we do to get off fossil fuels buys time — and time is something we are quickly running out of.

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