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The information-packed, award-winning advertising published by The Santa Fe New Mexican provides high-profile ways for our advertisers to reach their best prospects throughout the year. Whether it’s visitors or local residents, The New Mexican has the publications that people look for, hold on to and use.


Meet the Advertising Team:

Wendy Ortega

Advertising Manager

(505) 995-3852


Laura Harding

Classified Advertising Manager

(505) 995-3878

Kat Lopez

Creative & Marketing Manager

(505) 983-3303


Allison Everett

Chris Alexander

Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3825



Dana Teton


Multimedia Consultant


(505) 995-3844



Mike Flores

Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3840


Deb Meyers

Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3861


 Eileen Richardson

Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3830


Carol Wagner

Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3892





Obituaries: obits@sfnewmexican.com | (505) 983-3829

* Obituaries submitted on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday. *

Legals: legals@sfnewmexican.com | (505) 983-3829

Thrifty Nickel: (505) 986-3000 

TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: (505) 986-3000

All other classified inquiries:  classad@sfnewmexican.com

Sandra Jaramillo 

Classifieds Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3822


Elizabeth Carter

Classifieds Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3829



Charity Valdez

Classifieds Multimedia Consultant

(505) 995-3808


Creative Design:

Rick Artiaga, Multimedia Designer/Layout

Elspeth Hilbert, Senior Multimedia Designer

Joan Scholl, Multimedia Designer