High-Impact Advertising

The information-packed, award-winning advertising published by The Santa Fe New Mexican provides high-profile ways for our advertisers to reach their best prospects throughout the year. Whether it’s visitors or local residents, The New Mexican has the publications that people look for, hold on to and use.





Heidi Melendrez, Advertising Director, (505) 986-3007

Monica Taylor, Marketing Director, (505) 995-3888


Art Trujillo, Retail Sales Manager, (505) 995-3852

Laura Harding, Major National Account Manager, (505) 995-3878


Mike Flores, Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3840

Vincent Torres, Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3830

Chris Alexander, Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3825

Wendy Ortega, Multimedia Consultant and Home Real Estate Guide Ad Sales, (505) 995-3892

Amy Fleeson, Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3844

Kat Lopez, Marketing Specialist, (505) 995-3837

Claudia Freeman, Advertising Administrative Assistant, (505) 995-3841 


Thrifty Nickel - Toll Free - (866) 473-4111

Wayne Barnard, Thrifty Nickel General Manager, (505) 995-3808  

Robert Harmon, Thrifty Nickel Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3822


TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD, (505) 986-3000

Classified Advertising Manager, (505) 995-3819

Cindy Turner, Multi Media Classified Advertising Consultant, (505) 995-3876

Kristi Salazar, Multi Media Classified Advertising Consultant, (505) 995-3845

Catharine Orellana, Multimedia Consultant, (505) 995-3818



Elspeth Hilbert, Senior Designer/Marketing Designer, (505) 995-3805

Rick Artiaga, Layout/Design, (505) 995-3864

Jeana Francis, Multi-Media Designer, (505) 995-3836

Joan Scholl, Graphic/Production Designer, (505) 995-3811

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