Reader View: Santa Fe can declare energy independence

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Posted: Saturday, April 26, 2014 7:00 pm

If you turn on the lights in New Mexico, most of the power comes from coal-fired power, with a small percentage from nuclear power, and a much smaller percentage from wind and solar. While we earnestly hope that Public Service Co. of New Mexico will decide to use more renewable energy in the future, state legislation mandates that only a small percentage of our energy be renewable. Meanwhile, the effects of climate change are already affecting Santa Fe, as we watch forests around us burn every spring and new all-time high temperatures are commonly set. Reduced snowpacks and flows in the Colorado River and Rio Grande basins are already playing havoc with water users.

Fortunately, renewable energy is plummeting in price, and many places are rushing to take advantage of these prices. Santa Fe and New Mexico have a legitimate claim to leadership in renewable energy, with the pioneering leadership of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and a new generation of entrepreneurs. And there should be no question that Santa Fe residents want to be part of the transition to cleaner energy.

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  • David Mulberry posted at 8:38 pm on Tue, May 6, 2014.

    David Posts: 84

    Here are IPCC http://www.brutallyhonest.org/brutally_honest/2007/06/who_are_the_ipc.htmlscientist you sooo rely on..

  • David Mulberry posted at 9:07 pm on Mon, Apr 28, 2014.

    David Posts: 84

    Please name some of these scientists....If Gore, Kerry, Obama are so sure the science is settled why won't they have a debate with a cherry picking shoddy scientist on the other side?? You complain about the the Koch Bros.having money what about these guys having money..not to mention George Sorros and Steyers paying your side. The Gov. gives Billions of dollars a yr. for subsities and research grants for this global warming hoax so quit parroting the mantra about big oil.

    You still have not answered any questions and I bet you won't. Just like the volcanos spewing all that co2..you are spewing stuff that are fed to you by the politicians...please do science research

  • Daniel Brown posted at 8:07 am on Mon, Apr 28, 2014.

    DanielBrown1793 Posts: 2

    We are WAY past the point of making excuses for the fossil fuel industry causing global warming. It's real, it's happening. Either you listen to the hundreds of scientists affirming the crisis or the hacks paid by the Koch brothers to debunk it.

    As a state that is facing increasing drought, yet is blessed with 300 days of sunlight, for New Mexico to create energy from coal versus solar is suicidal, not to mention downright stupid. It's time to our citizens to raise hell, get active and demand alternative energy if only to safeguard future generations.

  • David Mulberry posted at 6:10 am on Sun, Apr 27, 2014.

    David Posts: 84

    There are four active volcanos spewing co2...three in Russia and and one in Peru. What is the difference between their co2 and man made co2? Where was man made co2 during the Medevil warming peroid?..Mars (according to NASA) is getting warmer..not due to SUV"s or cows letting off gas...but solar activity...What is normal for climate? By the way...notice they don't say global warming anymore but climate change? Could it be that it is getting harder to prove warming? After all they earth is on a platue for the last 17 yrs... it is not warming. Earth is 4.5 billions yrs...give or take ten yrs...150 yrs of it is just a spit in the ocean. Alligator bones were found in Alaska and whales bones were found on a mountain in Chile.One last question...say we completely stop co2..stopping the volcanos and all the people stop breathing out the co2 they discharge and putting plugs in cows rears so they won't let off gas..will that stop the climate change? No more ice bergs melting (they are not melting..look what happened with the research ship) no more deaths of Polar Bears ( Polar Bears are thriving) and everything on this globe will be heaven? Even Pat Moore..the cofounder of greenpeace said the is no correlation between manmade co2 and climate change.

  • Jeffery Green posted at 12:08 am on Sun, Apr 27, 2014.

    Renewable Guy Posts: 2

    CO2 being a green house gas has warmed our earth for the last 150 years. We can easily change our climate into something harsher to live in if we continue on our present path of co2 emissions. Denise has spelled this out very well what we need to do to avoid the harsh realities of business as usual in pollution for free.


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