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Reader View: E-cigarettes: A smokescreen?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, commonly referred to as e-cigarettes) have been in the news lately and controversy swirls around their use and regulation. E-cigs have been marketed as a “safe” alternative to cigarettes because they do not burn tobacco. However, they do contain nicotine, a highly addictive and toxic chemical (although some are marketed as being nicotine-free).

  • Reader View: Children are refugees, not just immigrants

    They are immigrants, true. But, more importantly, they are refugees.

  • Reader View: Newcomers sometimes don’t appreciate sense of place

    Those self-proclaimed “citizens of the world” who resent not being accepted by New Mexican locals lack a fundamental understanding of traditional cultural values and of basic historical facts (“Who was here first? It doesn’t matter,” My View, July 6).

  • Reader View: AG King was right on cockfighting ban

    Milan Simonich’s recent column excoriating Attorney General Gary King for helping enforce the state’s animal fighting laws is filled with hyperbole and conveniently ignores the truth (“Raids that brought King publicity may backfire,” Ringside Seat, June 30). I want to thank Mr. Simonich for helping make the case that Attorney General King is a leader who takes on tough fights for justice in our state, even when those who are endangering our state are well-funded and can afford to sustain retaliatory court battles for years on end. New Mexicans have been clear that animal cruelty is a serious crime.

  • Reader View: Stop standardizing students for profit

    The existence of standardized testing has plagued the American school system for longer than the past decade. However, because the Bush and Obama administrations have chosen to embrace a business model of enhancing the performance of schools, a period of high-stakes testing began.

  • Reader View: NRA should come to its senses

    Every day, nine children are unintentionally shot in this country. Every day, eight children die from gunshot wounds. Every day, 84 Americans are shot and killed. Every day, 84 families are devastated; 84 communities traumatized. Does the National Rifle Association believe these families and communities are rushing to their “cause” to protect everyone’s right to have a gun? I doubt it. Instead, these grief-stricken, angry citizens (of which I am one) are rushing to support gun violence prevention groups. Until the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, such groups were small, scattered and independent. Now they are in every state, they are growing exponentially, and they are uniting.

  • Reader View: Who is expressing outrage for Israel?

    In 1967, I met my first relative who had survived the Holocaust. My family was visiting Israel after the Six Day War. When they wheeled him into the living room, the first thing I saw was the number emblazoned on his arm. I was bombarded by all of the stories I had read, the lessons learned via books, teachers in Sunday school and things seen on the news. Even though he was just one man, this was my first experience with the reality of the Holocaust.

  • Reader View: Group preserves history by telling stories

    Members of Voces de Santa Fe gathered last month at La Fonda to share stories about the hotel. Area residents whose family histories run broad and deep founded the organization, which has met since 2010 to gather and archive photos and stories often overlooked.

  • Reader View: People with roots should share their blessings

    I am responding to the piece written by Ardeth Baxter (“Who was here first? It doesn’t matter,” My View, July 6).

  • My View: El Paso Electric to divest from coal and invest in solar

    A welcome ally to the environmental movement is emerging: the private sector. El Paso Electric recently announced that its energy mix will be completely coal-free by 2016. This decision comes at a crucial time. The world is getting warmer, our carbon emissions are the leading cause, and our lives are in danger.

  • Reader View: Hearing loss and dementia

    I would like to discuss one aspect of hearing loss that is not widely appreciated — the association between age-related hearing loss and dementia. Given that age-related hearing loss is the most common reason for hearing loss and dementia is associated with aging, what can each of us do to help ourselves?

  • Reader View: 100 years of preserving the wild celebrated

    On July 21, 1914, Aldo Leopold organized a meeting of sportsmen and conservationists in Albuquerque. Leopold had arrived in New Mexico five years earlier to work for the U.S. Forest Service, and his experiences here would inspire him to become one of the leading voices of conservation in the nation.

  • Reader View: We must treat Central American immigrants humanely

    The Los Angeles Times told the story in 2002 of Enrique, a 17-year-old boy from Honduras who made the treacherous trip across Mexico to reach his mother in the United States.

  • Reader View: Speak up on watershed before July 24

    The U.S. Forest Service’s plan, the Santa Fe Municipal Watershed/Pecos Wilderness Prescribed Burn Project, is to burn 2,900 acres in the watershed in the wilderness.

  • Reader View: State beer tax hard for brewers to swallow

    According to the Beer Institute, taxes are the single most expensive ingredient in a glass of beer, costing more than labor and raw materials combined.

  • Reader View: Cure for New Mexico’s children

    As a physician, I know that when you have a cure for an ailment, you use it. You don’t waste time, because you know that delay only makes the condition worse. New Mexico has a problem. We’re at the bottom of nearly every indicator of child well-being. We know what works and we’re actually giving the right medicine to a few lucky kids. But most are not getting the cure, even though we know it works and we have the resources to get it to them.

  • Reader View: Helping the refugees in Artesia

    Last week, my friend and I saw a report by an Albuquerque TV station concerning the refugees recently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • Reader View: Next generation can find way to peace

    The recent murders of Israeli and Palestinian teens are a tragic manifestation of the rage and prejudice that have simmered between these people for decades.

  • Reader View: ‘Russian spring’ lingers over Crimea

    It was a beautiful spring in Crimea this year. Almond and apricot trees blossomed, along with a blue sea and clear air. But my eyes are spinning in my head. I want to scream from the rooftops about what is now known as “Russian Spring in Crimea.” Tanks and military equipment are on the streets. Crimean self-defense forces marching at the checkpoints at every city entrance, pro-Russian supporters hanging Russian flags on every corner of the city, unidentified military soldiers seizing the Crimea Parliament and blocking Ukrainian military bases, helicopters in the sky. This is a snapshot of the surreal Russian Spring into summer happening now in Crimea.

  • Reader View: Carson’s legacy deserves to be honored

    What is in a name? A lot. I’ve just finished reading Hampton Sides’ book, Blood and Thunder — and then found out that the town of Taos has removed Kit Carson’s name from the park (where he and his wife are buried).

  • Reader View: Governor helps small businesses — like mine

    Gov. Susana Martinez has demonstrated strong leadership through tough times, and that is the very reason she should have another four years in office.

  • Reader View: Renewable standards need nuclear energy

    The sure-fire effect of state mandates requiring the use of renewable energy sources in electricity production hasn’t received the attention it deserves. For proof, look no further than New Mexico’s renewable portfolio standard. New Mexico’s standard — adopted in 2007 — requires that 20 percent of all electricity sold by investor-owned utilities, and 10 percent by cooperatives, come from renewable energy sources by 2020.

  • Reader View: Who’s first? It doesn’t matter

    We are a nation of immigrants. I read John F. Kennedy’s book of the same name long ago in high school, and its message has stuck with me. No matter how early in the game your particular ancestors got here, the reality is that all of them started out as newbies who came from somewhere else.

  • Reader View: No to cell tower is democracy at work

    Thank you, citizens of Santa Fe, for demonstrating your genuine concern for our schoolchildren and residents in general, as well as the historic district and city itself, by voicing your objections to the AT&T proposal for erecting a 64-foot cell tower next to the Burger King at the corner of Alameda Street and St. Francis Drive.

  • Reader View: Iraq War? Not again

    The current situation in Iraq has made one thing perfectly clear. As much as we might want to, we cannot make other parts of the world be the way we want them to be. It’s both naïve and unrealistic to think that we can.

  • Reader View: Martinez administration isn’t following law

    On June 29, The Santa Fe New Mexican broke a story detailing how the Human Services Department has “subsidized” Arizona behavioral health providers welcomed into the state last summer by the Martinez administration.

Guns, bombs, missiles fired around the globe

Guns, bombs and missiles dominated the world’s headlines this week. The center of attention was the Gaza Strip, where the forces of Hamas and the Israeli Defense Force battled it out, with Hamas using rockets and the Israelis answering with airstrikes.

For Natives, a split in opinion on Obama

Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama made his first visit to an Indian reservation as the sitting president when he and first lady Michelle Obama dropped in on the Standing Rock Sioux Reser…

Border needs help for the suffering children

One of the most troubling and disturbing images that I can’t seem to rid my mind of is that of young immigrant children being placed in kennel-like cages. Since then, a more humane approach ha…

Commentary: Religious freedom at risk

A Sudanese court in May sentences a Christian woman married to an American to be hanged, after first being lashed 100 times, after she refuses to renounce her Christian faith.

  • Our View: Clean Plaza initiative a great idea

    Perhaps the brooms aren’t new, but they definitely are sweeping clean — the Santa Fe Plaza, that is. It’s part of a citizen-inspired initiative to make the city sparkle. The idea is to send out citizens to shine up the town.

  • Our View: Hospital strike bad for patients

    With July 31 fast approaching — one week from today — Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center management and the union representing nurses and technicians remain at a contract impasse. Earlier this week, the union served hospital officials with a strike notice. Its members had rejected what has been described as the hospital’s last, best contract offer.

  • Our View: A cleaner park just first step

    The current cleanup of Cathedral Park is long overdue. It has been a disgrace, packed with aimless young people who — in their own words — want to hang with their homies, even if that includes public drinking, pot smoking and selling drugs.

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