U.S. longs for Obama’s bully pulpit

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  • David Romero posted at 6:33 pm on Fri, May 16, 2014.

    bigd1973 Posts: 195

    That's all Obama does is talk. All talk and no action.

  • Matthew Rawlings posted at 2:57 pm on Thu, May 15, 2014.

    mrawlings Posts: 1

    The last thing I want is another Obama speech promising the world to people. What have those done for us? Nothing! Obama is a politician. What do politicians produce? Nothing! Tell Obama to keep his mouth shut. We'll all be better off.

  • Pierce Knolls posted at 8:39 am on Tue, May 13, 2014.

    Mister Pierce Posts: 2724

    "It often seems that President Barack Obama can’t win for trying." - Does Stewart have any evidence that Obama is trying?

    Taking to the bully pulpit with some genuine give 'em hell spirit would require some level of commitment to a position. That sort of commitment doesn't leave one with much wiggle room for later flop-flopping, equivocating, or focus pivoting, so we're not likely to see Obama live up to Stewart's fantasies.

  • Pat Shackleford posted at 12:59 pm on Sun, May 11, 2014.

    Pat Shackleford Posts: 912

    Hardly a better way to destroy a possibly credible argument, than by using Iraq war "shock & awe" cheer-leader and billionaire armchair-warrior Tom Friedman, who famously said that telling Saddam Hussein and Iraq to "suck on this" (American guns/young muscle, 2003), and continues to defend the ill-advised decade-long invasion/occupation. His point was that the middle-east needed a demonstration of American military-might to raise respect by those countries. " We could have hit Saudi Arabia. It was part of that bubble. We could have hit Pakistan, We hit Iraq, because we could", he told Charlie "whatever you say" Rose in an interview, May 29 2003, only two months after the Iraq-war beginning (when it was declared "won" by popular media idiots), and ten years before it's eventual winding-down.

    Friedman is also creator of the "Friedman unit", a measure of time (six months), after which "progress" in Iraq, and beginning of U.S. troop withdrawals would begin to occur. These units of time were issued by Friedman monthly, on the various Sunday morning TV shows where the usual suspects who brought us the Iraq debacle show-up and spout their militaristic world-view. Seems to have really served those dead and maimed soldiers well, wouldn't you say?

  • Michael Sparkman posted at 12:22 pm on Sun, May 11, 2014.

    MichaelCPA Posts: 1

    One of the very best op-ed pieces I have read in a very long time. Nice work, Bill!


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