Energy burst one way to deal with Putin

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  • Pat Shackleford posted at 4:35 am on Sun, Mar 9, 2014.

    Pat Shackleford Posts: 573

    That's just brilliant, Niko. Get back at Putin by creating more fracking-havoc here in the U.S. Do any of you "frack now forever" cheerleaders even consider the huge water requirements of hydro-fracturing? It would appear you believe in an inexhaustible aquifer, with no possibility of polluting water-resources your grandkids might need. Just because you don't actually see the toxic chemical mix which is injected underground as part of the process doesn't mean it carries no adverse potential. Out of sight, out of mind, forever?

    I find it implausible that intelligent Americans would care to wreak further environmental damage here at home, so that they may enjoy the sweet satisfaction of tweaking Putin by exporting oil and gas to Europe within a couple of years, by your rosy prediction. Industry heads would applaud your plan, which is similar to the intended destination of Canadian tar-sands gunk, which will be pumped through the XL pipeline to the Texas gulf coast and exported for foreign use also. Not sure how that insures America's energy independence; but that's of no concern to commodity salesmen.

    As for "meddling" with sovereign nations; if you'd followed this story for more than a month, you might have noted assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland's comments in December, where she remarked that "We've invested over $5 Billion to assist Ukraine...". That's not exactly a small amount of "meddling" there. For someone so dismissive of Obama, your simple analysis nonetheless supports this administration's dangerous and expensive meddling abroad.


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