Your front-page story (“Small pool of rich donors dominates election giving,” Aug. 2) neglected to mention that there is one leading presidential candidate who rejects backing by the super political action committees. While a handful of tycoons underwrite the likes of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders has raised more than $15 million from tens of thousands of contributors, many giving small donations. Bernie’s message that the wheels of the American economy and access to the White House belong to average, working families — not to a tiny class of billionaires — is resonating across the country with huge crowds drawn to his rallies. When roughly 400 families account for half the money raised in the 2016 presidential campaign, as you report, it is time for a change.

Gary Kowalski

Santa Fe

Complex and unclear

American Zionists, Jewish (“Deep divides usher in debate over Iran nuclear deal,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 2) and Christian (“The Iran deal: A reason for alarm,” My View, Aug. 3), have now turned their full attention away from the Israelis terrorizing of Arabs and non-Orthodox Jews to their own terrorizing of Americans over a multinational agreement designed to prevent another unnecessary conflict concerning imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

This campaign is sponsored by our own perpetual secretary of war, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. How many times will we fall for their never-ending existential ruse with its distortions and assorted Israeli propaganda? Make no mistake, many of our loudest congressmen are actually paid representatives of American Zionist individuals and organizations, and not representatives of the American people at all.

Gerald M. Rosen, M.D.

Santa Fe

Not easy or free

Here is another reason why Santa Fe has a lousy recycling record. My printer died. As a good citizen, I checked the city website and found that electronics could be recycled at the Buckman Recycling Center. So I drove out there, only to be told that I needed to be weighed in, weighed out and would have to pay the minimum dumping fee. I guess Santa Fe would prefer to have electronics dumped in the trash bins.

John Schoemer

Santa Fe

Unfair game

The New Mexico State Game Commission’s public policies on trapping allows this brutal sport for the economic gain of a few. Land which our tax dollars serve should have no part of this cruel, medieval form of torture.

The mission of the state’s Department of Game and Fish is to “conserve, regulate, propagate and protect” New Mexico’s wildlife and fish for future generations. What about public education to learn co-existence?

Is the commission an old boys’ club with Elizabeth Ryan as the token female, representing oil, gas and mineral interests rather than wildlife? Are they in step with changing science, public perception and comment, or run by partisan politics and big money? Who on the commission represents Northern New Mexico?

Anita Amstutz


Call to action

Climate change is real; the evidence is overwhelming. The consequences of waiting are dire and waiting is not an appropriate decision. Certainly many are making personal behavioral changes, such as transportation habits, energy efficiency equipment and becoming informed on the issue. These are indeed significant.

Giving attention to the Mayor’s Climate Change Task Force at the local level could contribute to key civic decisions on moving our city toward forward-looking policies and practices. Supporting state agency and legislative efforts aimed at increasing the use of renewable fuels — solar, wind — will direct our future sensibly.

Perhaps most important is contacting our congressional delegation to urge their support of revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, grow the economy, and save lives and environmental damage. This changes everything for our planet.

Barbara Conroy

Santa Fe

Paper problem

Do you have a problem? Send your letters to your congressmen. They are running out of toilet paper.

Z. S. Goldenberg

Santa Fe

Life vs. death

Gov. Susana Martinez is on the wrong side of history when she offers her political overtures to reinstate the death penalty in New Mexico. Our lady of justice is not blindfolded and the scales of justice far too often have been tipped. Hundreds of wrongfully convicted inmates have already been exonerated.

Life without the possibility of parole is the best option to ensure that we do not execute an innocent person. We must not play the political card when an innocent person’s life could be hanging in the balance.

Rev. Howard Dotson

Santa Fe

Forgot the drain

Several years ago when the new El Dorado Community School building was built, the contractor did such a poor job on the staff’s parking lot that it had to be redone later. Now, it is worse than ever. A lake often covers most of the parking lot.

Kudos to Santa Fe Public Schools for such a unique contribution.

Robert L. Slusher

Santa Fe