The more one learns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a still-secret document revealed only through leaks, the more horrifying it is revealed to be, with the United States government being the chief villain, pushing for corporate monopolistic exploitation of countries and populations including our own, for the sake of profit.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership — if ever adopted, God forbid — is a vicious subversion of national sovereignty, environmental quality, fair labor practices, intellectual creativity, government regulation of harmful avarice by banksters and others with enough power to bring down the economy, and the general welfare invoked in the U. S. Constitution.

It is particularly shameful that President Barack Obama — who as president gave many of us hope for the future of our country — should support such a vicious agreement. Either he is supremely cynical, supremely misled or utterly captive to the most destructive corporate ambitions.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe

Approve Iran deal

The nuclear agreement with Iran to prevent that country from building a nuclear device has now been signed and is before Congress. I urge New Mexico’s senators and representatives to vote to approve the agreement, and to vote against an override of President Barack Obama’s veto of any legislative disapproval. It is a neocon pipe dream that a “better” deal could be had with the continued imposition of sanctions.

Who would negotiate such a deal? Our allies will not join us back in Geneva. Sanctions will not be re-imposed by our partners in the negotiation. The way for Iran to build a bomb will be open now, not 15 years from now. This agreement does not settle every issue with Iran. But any international negotiation that attempts to solve all problems at once will end by solving none. Let the deal go forward.

Steven K. Chance

Santa Fe

Honoring our veterans

Thanks to The New Mexican for the story about the Santa Fe National Cemetery and the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II (“Santa Fe’s untapped tourist draw?,” Aug. 9).

We live north of the city, and I make several trips a week down the highway. The peacefulness and literal beauty of the National Cemetery is always comforting. But why, for God’s sake, the first thing a visitor sees are the piles of dirt where the waiting cars are parked?

I would hope, before the celebration commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on Sunday, someone could figure out how to put that dirt somewhere, in a permanent location, out of view. It is an eyesore, but more importantly, it sends a subtle message that belies the hard work and care that I know goes into making the National Cemetery the treasure it is intended to be.

James Murphy

Santa Fe

Go see ‘Mabel’

I went to the opening night performance of The Passions of Mabel Dodge Luhan and was totally enchanted by this excellent and stylish production. Leslie Harrell Dillen totally embodied the essence of Mabel, having written and performed this extraordinary one-woman show, which lasted a brief and mesmerizing 75 minutes, with no intermission.

Kent Kirkpatrick did the creative, seamless direction, and it was Dillen who took the 1,500-pounds of Mabel’s papers from the collection she left to the Yale Library and fashioned a script from them, making Mabel real to us as the visionary that she was.

I urge you to go to the beautifully revamped Santa Fe Playhouse [through Sunday] to see this excellent show.

Rhea Goodman

Santa Fe

Grief into action

As Americans grieve the killing of Cecil the lion, New Mexico wildlife advocates have a unique opportunity to turn that grief into action for the betterment of New Mexico’s big game. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish wants to increase the number of bears hunters can kill, and expand cougar trapping on millions of acres. Groups opposing these increases — Sierra Club and Animal Protection New Mexico — are being ignored.

We also can save lives by shining the national spotlight on State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn. Shockingly, Dunn has proposed expanding the use of leghold traps on state trust lands in order to increase cougar kills.

We need to capitalize on the outrage over Cecil’s death to expose cruel big game hunting in our own backyard. Most of us bemoan destruction of the rainforest and African safari hunting, but we ignore the trophy hunting taking place on our own land.

Juliette Craig


Yes to Bernie

In the debate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, the issue of “national security” arose, with most candidates furiously vying to appear to be the “strongest,” as though it were simply a matter of projecting force at will all over the world, by means of a heavy military boot print.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate courageous enough to ask: “Just how much military do we really need? Is all of that spending on weapons making us truly safer?”

Moreover, Bernie says that our country would be much stronger if its people were better educated. He has proposed free tuition at public universities. He also has proposed healthier people, through Medicare for All, and fully employed people, at living wages, above the current minimum $7.25/hour. He would also divert a fraction of the military/security budget to fund jobs that would rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Bernie’s broader definition of national security: It begins at home.

Brad Lee Holian