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Our View: Watch for pilgrims — it’s that time of year

As true now as in Geoffrey Chaucer’s day: in spring, people’s minds turn to pilgrimages.

Letters to the editor, April 17, 2014

The article by Steve Terrell offers the chilling quote: “New Mexico ranks highest among all states for drug abuse as a factor in child abuse.”

  • Our View: Taking down stereotypes, one at a time

    The fight to change the name of the Washington, D.C., professional football team gets much of the attention when discussing Native issues in the United States today.

  • Our View: Bus system needs a boost

    It’s too early for the state and Northern New Mexico to give up on its regional Blue Bus transportation system.

  • Our View: Brights days ahead for Vegas

    Amid so much gloomy economic news for New Mexico, it’s encouraging to hear that the sale of La Castañeda Hotel in Las Vegas, N.M., has been finalized.

  • Our View: Plaza focus a good place to begin

    Talk about a stealth mayor. Javier Gonzales wins election handily, promising few changes while his 40-person transition team gets to work. Then, with little fuss, he drops a bombshell about the Santa Fe Plaza. The mayor’s resolution, introduced last week, would shut down the Plaza to vehicle traffic.

Reader View: PED fails this test

I was excited to give my administrators well-deserved kudos through the Public Education Department Principal Evaluation Survey, which was released March 31. Unfortunately, the statements teachers are asked to evaluate on the survey range from arcane to deceitful to plain careless.

The Right Thing for Santa Fe

Golly. Santa Fe’s Public Utilities Committee has unanimously approved an ordinance to ban the use of plastic bags. The measure will require that stores charge “not less than 10 cents” for pape…

Walatowa: The little school that could

Tucked away on Bear Head Canyon Road, just east off of N.M. 4 as you are traveling through Jemez Pueblo, sits a small school called Walatowa High Charter School. Walatowa is the traditional na…

In a village, gossip can poison the well

Here we are less than three weeks away from Easter and, like so many resolutions that Americans make at the beginning of the year, Catholics tend to give up something during Lent.

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