A former chief financial officer of the state Department of Military Affairs filed a whistleblower complaint against the agency Monday, claiming she was fired for raising concerns about the department’s “multiple violations of the New Mexico Procurement Code.”

Specifically, Kathy Romero’s complaint says, “goods were being purchased without receiving quotes in advance.”

After she raised the issue in September 2017, Romero complaint says, she was told “not to concern herself with the procurement issues,” and focus on her own work.

Shortly afterward, her complaint says, Romero’s director began to overload her staff and blame her for issues not under her control, some directly related to the departments failure to follow proper procurement procedures.

Romero was also “routinely left out of meetings or not informed of important issues which caused disruption to her section and workload,” according to her complaint filed in state District Court in Santa Fe.

Romero, who was hired in July 2016, was fired in May 2018, according to her complaint, and suffered lost wages and emotional distress as a result.

A spokesman for the Department of Military Affairs could not be reached for comment Monday.

Romero seeks an unspecified amount of actual and special damages, including double damages for her lost wages as well as legal costs. Romero’s attorney did not return a message seeking comment Monday.