Santo Domingo teen appears in debate-stirring Super Bowl ad

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Posted: Monday, February 3, 2014 9:35 pm | Updated: 6:42 pm, Wed Feb 26, 2014.

A Coca-Cola commercial featuring a rendition of “America the Beautiful” sung in nine different languages that aired during the Super Bowl is sparking strong reactions on the Internet.

Among the singers in the ad was a 16-year-old from Santo Domingo Pueblo who sang in Keres, an American Indian dialect spoken by members of seven of the state’s 19 pueblos.

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  • W.A. Russell posted at 9:55 am on Thu, Feb 6, 2014.

    Willicent Posts: 3

    I thought the commercial was beautiful. I thought the backlash was ugly.

  • Francisco Carbajal posted at 7:26 am on Wed, Feb 5, 2014.

    FranciscoCarbajal Posts: 303

    Certainly, the sneaky Coca Cola Corporation got away with promoting this "US ENGLISH-ONLY" debate with a single advertisement for their product. Of course, the race-haters will come out of their rat-holes and claim ownership of "this is my land of the free" title. Yet, keep in mind at every conflict and battle that our U.S Marine Recon, U.S Army Ranger, U.S. Navy Corpsman, U.S. Air Force P.J., Delta Force, U.S Coastguard, and State National Guard Forces have served, we carry the U.S Flag in honor, loyalty, dignity, and respect. And even to the point of sacrificing their lives for this great nation. And yes, we also speak the various languages while serving and even dying, but we are still defending and protecting the U.S. Flag and for what it stands for. So, what needs to happen with this language debate that people are so angry about is for people to shut their traps and move on! Get over it. The NFL game is over with........[yawn] BTW, the mutant Doberman-Half Terrier ad was funny like chit....[beam]

  • Jennifer Bizzarro posted at 6:12 pm on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    Jennifer_Bizzarro Posts: 601

    What is distressing is the ignorance of so many! I've read online comments and people say that our "National Anthem" should be sung in our national language.

    "America" is not our national anthem although in my opinion, it should be. It speaks of love, beauty and place, not war, rocket and bombs.

    "America" is not our country. America is a mythical place, the New World, that holds many people who speak many languages. This includes the self-righteous, better-than-everyone-else few who occupy the United States of AMERICA. We think ourselves to own it all, created "doctrines" to take it all. But we are just a part of America.

    I agree with those who are grateful that anyone sings about "America" at all. As its most visible representative, we haven't exactly been the best friend to others nor worthy of God's grace lately yet still we still united we stand. Why do we care what language people use to lavish praise upon us?

  • Timothy Doebler posted at 6:03 pm on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    Tim Doebler Posts: 1

    Let's not forget that the media loves to stir the pot and create a drama. Also, is there such a thing as bad media? I am sure Coca-Cola loves the drama too. I say E Pluribus Unum...............this land has always been comprised of a diversity of people, culture and language - I love that. It has always had a bigoted voice too (thanks to a constitution that allows for free speech). I don't always love that...............but it is a reality.............I think the positive always outweighs the negative. Hurray to Ms. Bird.............how nice to see Pueblo Youth featured in a national commercial..............I am proud of her and proud of the rich, rich, rich heritage that makes New Mexico such a vibrant place.

  • Andrew Lucero posted at 5:08 pm on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    Andrew Lucero Posts: 326

    I didn't particularly care for the ad...Not because it was sung in several languages, but because it so blatantly reeked of politically correctness.

  • Kim McCoy posted at 2:01 pm on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    KimM Posts: 7

    Many people in America forget that as a country, we have NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE.

    Ms. Bird should be very proud of her accomplishment. I'm so glad the New Mexican highlighted her contribution to that Superbowl commercial. I hope she tunes out the bigoted nonsense some of our fellow countrymen spout and keeps her great attitude.

  • Trish Hug posted at 2:01 pm on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    hugahorse Posts: 3

    People should be glad that "America" is being sung in ANY language.

  • Thomas Guthrie posted at 9:36 am on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    TG Posts: 2

    The saddest part of this controversy in my view is that the level of political discourse is so low. The critics quoted in the article reveal only their own ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, and narrowmindedness. First of all, the song is about "America," not the United States, and the two are not the same. The United States (not to mention the Americas) has always been and always will be multilingual. If there's any cause for controversy here, perhaps it should be the Coca-Cola Company's use of the song to sell its product in every corner of the country to young consumers.

  • nonamdlopez posted at 6:31 am on Tue, Feb 4, 2014.

    nonamdlopez Posts: 4

    I am sad to here about people objecting to this beautiful commercial. Hat's off to Ms. Bird and the others, they are beautiful Americans.


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