Council candidate launches website attacking rival’s record as Española mayor

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  • Pierce Knolls posted at 10:01 am on Fri, Feb 28, 2014.

    Mister Pierce Posts: 2986

    Pay no attention to the UN agenda behind the curtain.

  • oscar michael posted at 11:51 am on Thu, Feb 27, 2014.

    oscar mike Posts: 267

    Pardon me , but I get a bit weary of the politically correct rhetoric and happy word games that you like to display.
    What exactly are you referring to when you say you have experience in "grassroots environmental activism" and how would that help to represent the people in the district? Why do we care about your certification in "permaculture design? How will that help non farming, working families in the district? What was actually accomplished by your "student empowerment" amendment? It sounds happy and nice but what has been its effects? Who besides you cares about a sustainable Santa Fe award?
    You are not "grassroots" as you claim because your sod was transplanted here. The youth cannot cast a vote for you so how about some parental empowerment? Last, we all know that your social justice agenda is just a cover for more income confiscation and redistribution. Your sustainability agenda will cost millions while not actually solving anything.
    If you truly are a serious candidate, please speak to issues and solutions that actually affect the district. The people are voting for someone to represent their concerns, not for an activist to push a personal agenda! Your entire platform is identical to the United Nations Agenda 21 initiative. I believe this is your goal in obtaining a seat on the council. Am I wrong?

  • Jeff E Green posted at 12:30 am on Thu, Feb 27, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    I actually lived in Espanola in the aftermath of the Maestas administration while I was completing K-12 teacher certification at Northern New Mexico College. I got to know local politics and politicians through my service as the student government president. There are many wonderful community members and activists in Espanola, and some great things happening right now like the creation of a new community "food hub" bringing together farmers, food entrepreneurs, anti-hunger activists and the food co-op. But at every level, including the college administration who I fought with successfully on behalf of student empowerment, the politics are not really working in the public interest (to put it mildly). I am still holding on to hope that Santa Fe is different, with higher ethical standards for our elected municipal leaders.

  • Jeff E Green posted at 12:13 am on Thu, Feb 27, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    I'm running my campaign for City Council, District 2 completely on my own initiative and obviously I feel I'm the best candidate. My unique qualifications include being the only trained and certified professional educator in this field; the only one with over a decade of experience in grassroots environmental activism and community organizing; the only one with training in community rights advocacy; the only one certified in permaculture design; the only one with an academic degree in political science; the only one who has successfully passed a constitutional amendment through the New Mexico state house and senate; the only one whose accomplishments have been recognized by the city with a Sustainable Santa Fe award; and on and on.

    My candidacy is a grassroots alternative for all Santa Feans who are sick and tired of the slick promises and canned rhetoric of the empty suits and career politicians. If you think there's some other more "natural leader" who's more qualified to represent youth empowerment, social justice and environmental sustainability than I am, well, I would just have to say that I think you're mistaken.

  • Jeff E Green posted at 12:08 am on Thu, Feb 27, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    Actually, I am an award-winning grassroots independent journalist. I was honored to receive the 2013 Sustainable Santa Fe award for Green Journalism. It's not difficult to read old issues of the Rio Grande Sun at the New Mexico State Library and learn some truth on what was going on from 2006 to 2010 ... Much was published on the payroll scam, state audit and federal environmental violations during the year after Maestas left office. If the SFNM and SFR had been interested in doing real journalism, they would have done that research like I have.

  • Jeff E Green posted at 11:39 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201


  • Jeff E Green posted at 11:39 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201


  • Jeff E Green posted at 11:39 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    I'm definitely a serious candidate, and I have also brought up many important issues and ideas that otherwise would not be getting adequate attention -- community rights empowerment, the need for more progressive taxation, youth issues and education, a comprehensive view on water conservation and security, green jobs, sustainable food, etc. As a first-time candidate I may not have run the perfect campaign but I have done my best to highlight these issues while staying true to my ethical values and the critical importance of upholding a fair, free and transparent democratic process.

  • oscar michael posted at 5:03 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    oscar mike Posts: 267

    So, now you are a journalist? I thought you were a harmless farmer? Or a Harmless teacher? Before that you were a harmless community organizer, and before that you were a harmless student activist transplanted from the mid Atlantic.
    Many New Mexicans are not helpless morons who are incapable of researching the record of Mr. Maestas. I sincerely hope that many are using their intelligence to explore your past, and review your associations. Your attempt at journalism is no more than a smear campaign meant to pull attention to yourself. You have no record or substance, so you use what you can to further your failed campaign. I believe that is the definition of "mud-slinging"

  • Jeff E Green posted at 2:30 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    Why don't you ask Daniel how many times I gave him this information? He never gave it the light of day and he still hasn't reported on the substantive concerns arising from Espanola that are so clearly documented in the KRQE story as well as Rio Grande Sun articles that I have (but haven't posted). Everyone knows that SFNM is biased ... They've already made their endorsement, and they'd rather keep the public ignorant than truthfully examine the atrocious record of my opponent. Exposing the truth is not mud-slinging ... In fact, isn't that what journalism is supposed to be?

  • Jeff E Green posted at 2:23 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Jeff E Green Posts: 201

    Total fabrication ... I'm not aligned with any mayoral candidate, although I have attended Javier Gonzales' conversations on water, education, women's issues, the creative arts, and human rights. I've attended most of the mayoral forums and I would attend Patti's events too if she held any that are interesting and relevant enough to be worth the time. I have not made any endorsements for Mayor.

  • Emilia Serrano posted at 1:44 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Emilia Posts: 20

    Jeff Green is aligned with Patti Bushee and is running on her ticket. He supports her for mayor and has made comments in the blogs and Facebook about his support for Patti.. It looks like Jeff and Patti and their supporters are both fueling hate.

    Sorry Joe, you and Javier will never get respect from the New Mexican. Keep staying positive, because that's what leaders do when everyone else wants to tear them down.

  • oscar michael posted at 1:00 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    oscar mike Posts: 267

    Straight out of the communist rules for revolution playbook! Rule #3. "Divide the people into hostile groups, constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance." Rule #4. destroy the peoples faith in natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt and ridicule."
    Jeff Green is really Jeffrey Ethan Genuaer. Look him up and find out that he is a low profile communist with no intention of actually representing a constituency. Why then is he running for office? Who has supported his campaign? Who is he actually accountable to?
    I applaud Mr. Chacon for exposing this fraud! Thank you for your efforts.

  • Mark Ordonez posted at 12:20 pm on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    marcoordonez Posts: 1109

    Politics are bad enough without interjecting the filth that is Rio Arriba politics.

  • Joseph Hempfling posted at 11:09 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    joehempfling Posts: 496

    Sorry Jeff but poor judgement in my opinion. There are better ways to getting the facts out there than via a misleading website. Especially directlly using your competitors name. Put what you know on YOUR website if you feel they are that important. There is certainly enough mud slinging politics out there already, we don't need more !
    Let's begin by setting a good example oneself !

  • Staci Benni posted at 11:04 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Sta Benni Posts: 246

    I agree, Nancy, a description of what was found on the website would have been helpful. My understanding despite Denise’s enthusiastic support is that Maestas did nothing about the arsenic in the water in Espanola even though it was a huge health issue. Endorsements also do not sway me. What really turned me against Maestas was his failure to follow campaign financing laws: he failed to disclose over $600 of money spent on robocalls and a big sign on the back of his truck. He said he “forgot” or blamed his campaign manager. He was found guilty of two ethics violations. His well connected and IMO sleazy lawyer attacked Jeff Green while Maestas whined that he was following the spirit of the law—if not the letter. For someone who has run repeatedly for office, he should of and probably did know better. Ethics over experience for me in this case!
    And no, Jeff is not a serious candidate; but he has brought up many important issues and given new perspective to the debate.

  • Julian R. Grace posted at 10:50 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Logies New Mexican Posts: 304

    All is fair....

  • Denise Fort posted at 10:46 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Denise Fort Posts: 17

    Mr. Green is taking an unfortunate approach to running for office. What would he bring to the city council? Mr. Maestas would bring his knowledge from administering Espanola, which has challenged a succession of officials at every level of government over the decades in which I've observed the city from Santa Fe. He also brings a deep knowledge of transportation and water issues, both of which are badly needed in Santa Fe. I would note that the Sierra Club has endorsed him, and that he served as the Vice Chair of the Conservation Voters of New Mexico. As a long time environmental activist, I enthusiastically support him.

  • andrew perkins posted at 10:22 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    ajperkins Posts: 4

    Why is Jeff Green attacking his very own neighbor, the accomplished and sincere Mayor Joe Maestas? Mr. Maestas is an Engineer, a former Mayor of a very troubled city and an asset to his adopted city of Santa Fe. Please vote for Joe Maestas. The troubled and insincere Jeff Green can vanish in his own "haze!"

  • Nancy Udell posted at 8:36 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014.

    Nancy Udell Posts: 7

    Seems to me that this KQRE report about Maestas reproduced on this website raises some very real questions that the New Mexican should be reporting about. Today's article reports about the existence of the website without and discussion of the content. That seems like bad reporting to me. A follow up on content is needed.


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