City panel backs ban on plastic bags

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Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 8:50 pm | Updated: 8:58 pm, Tue May 14, 2013.

A plan to limit distribution of plastic shopping bags in Santa Fe won the endorsement of a city advisory committee Tuesday.

Following the 5-1 vote by the Business and Quality of Life Committee, Councilors Rebecca Wurzburger and Chris Rivera said they plan to formally introduce the measure along with Mayor David Coss at next week’s City Council meeting.

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  • Jonathan Koolpe posted at 4:26 pm on Thu, Aug 8, 2013.

    TempestMan Posts: 19

    Folks, I live in an area where these bag bans have now become the norm rather than the exception. I have to say that they are far more of a PIA than y'all might realize, particularly to the elderly and otherwise physically impaired. I constantly see folks struggling to deal with their purchases now, and I imagine they struggle similarly when they get home while unloading.

    And not having something available for your pet's refuse, your baby's soiled diaper or throw up, or other nasty item that a paper or cloth bag just doesn't suffice is also difficult now.

    And they also limit your buying habits. For instance, when I see something on special, I usually like to stock up. But now, I have to be sure I have enough bags to carry my purchases afterwards and if I don't for some reason, I have to limit myself...very annoying and very intrusive into my freedom I must say.

    I saw this coming in my area and began stocking up on these bags big time well before the ban was implemented so I have enough to last for quite awhile fortunately. I have to laugh when so many of my friends constantly complain about the ban now and/or are jealous of me. But they mostly voted for the politicians who put this idiocy in place so I have little sympathy.

    I have to ask: Why are not alternatives explored such as biodegradable bags which are readily available and whose price would no doubt come down if mass produced? Or how about a reward system that credits those who elect to voluntarily reuse bags and/or use reusable bags? Why is the answer these days to just ban everything outright? How does this really solve anything?

    And really the bigger picture here must be examined...each time you let your so-called government "leaders" implement this or that new ban/rule, you as citizens lose another freedom that inevitably leads to more and more similar losses of freedom...just look at what Mayor Bloomberg is doing to New York City if you want proof. This is a very slippery slope you are charging down...

    The unintended consequences of these bans always....ALWAYS...outweigh the supposed benefits in the end.

    Think long and hard before you blindly support this ban (from one who has seen first hand the down side).

    BTW, if you still need these bags after the ban is imposed, you can get large cases of them on websites like Amazon for pretty cheap....around $10-15 for a case of 1000 for instance. If I ever do run out, I'll get one of these.

  • Jeremy Bangs posted at 4:28 pm on Fri, May 17, 2013.

    JDB Posts: 15

    Hilarious that this measure was passed by the "Business and Quality of Life Committee". Obviously the members of this committee do not know what they are talking about. This is not a business friendly proposal. Yet another regulation that supermarkets will have to deal with in this city that they do not have to deal with in any other locations. Cost goes up for the consumers = less money spent at the store. A lose lose situation is what this is going to create. This is probably the same committee that almost chased Wal-Mart out of town because they wanted to sell alcohol, just like they do in every other location. Then everyone in this city sits around and wonders why we have zero economic growth. If I opened up a business, the last place I would open it would be in this city. Too many pointless and counterproductive rules and regulations.

  • Pierce Knolls posted at 8:03 am on Thu, May 16, 2013.

    Mister Pierce Posts: 1688

    You really don't remember when they told us, back in the late '70s and early '80s, that switching to plastic bags instead of paper bags would save trees?

  • Hector_Sanchez posted at 8:37 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Hector_Sanchez Posts: 15

    You could always buy some doggie bags, or use the ones from the produce dept.

  • Hector_Sanchez posted at 8:37 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Hector_Sanchez Posts: 15

    Hmmm. I've been reading the news for 40 years and I recall no such thing. Please send us a link to an old article that said that.

  • Hector_Sanchez posted at 8:36 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Hector_Sanchez Posts: 15

    "I can't understand why plastic bags are a problem! I rarely see them any where."

    You're kidding, right? Plastic bags are EVERYWHERE. I kid visitors that New Mexico's state flag is a plastic bag stuck on a barbwire fence.

    And yes, we need a bottle bill too, so that all of the beer bottles get picked up by folks looking to raise a little money.

    No one who has lived elsewhere doubts that New Mexico has a culture of Litterbugs. It's the worst litter I've seen outside of old Mexico. My favorite is the Pecos River area, where folks come out to enjoy nature and then completely trash it. Huh?

  • Isaac Daniels posted at 7:21 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Isaac Daniels Posts: 37

    I can't understand why plastic bags are a problem! I rarely see them any where.The problem I see and isn't being addressed are beers bottles, coke cans, paper cups from fast food restaurants and baby pampers in parking lots and along the streets! That I see most of!

  • bob chilton posted at 6:27 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    bobchilton Posts: 48

    is the bag taxed and is the real cost 11 centavos?

    it sounds like a money maker for the city and sure to help alleviate the $6.4 million shortfall in the city budget.

  • Phil CO posted at 4:23 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Phil CO Posts: 1

    Just returned from Hawaii where there is a statewide surcharge for any kind of bag, whether it be paper or plastic. Makes you think twice about accepting a bag at the checkout when it costs extra. Bring your own bag, or put your merchandise in your pocket. I am all for it! Wish they would do the same in Colorado.

  • Cully Culpepper posted at 12:41 pm on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Sage Posts: 2

    Ditto! [smile]

  • Alfred Padilla posted at 11:51 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Xenoace32 Posts: 341

    Just do what everyone else does up here on Canyon fraud, use someones yard as the neighborhood dog toilet.

  • Pierce Knolls posted at 10:57 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Mister Pierce Posts: 1688

    I remember when they told us that paper bags were destroying the environment and that we needed to switch to the cheap plastic bags.

  • Mike_Gee posted at 10:29 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Mike_Gee Posts: 2

    Are you xenophobic? Born and raised here in Santa Fe and my familiy has been here for hundreds of years. I 100% support the ban of plastic bags. This is because these bags are nothing but a burden on future generations. I do not agree with the 10 cent cost though. That cost should be split between the consumer and retailer.

  • Steve Salazar posted at 10:25 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Steve Salazar Posts: 878

    Without those plastic bags, I just won't be able to pick up the poop after my dog does his thing in the park, oh well.

  • treads posted at 9:18 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    treads Posts: 1

    What is next??? Them telling us how many sheets of toilet paper we can use each time we o to the bathroom???

  • marryann montoya posted at 9:17 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    maryannmontoya Posts: 31

    Why does the ten cent fee soley on the consumer? Don't the grocery stores have a responsibility too? why does the store have the luxery of making a profit and the consumer burdened? doesn't make sense. Come on city council. get your head out from the vendors a$$. let's be fair about this. I'm all for getting rid of those lousy plastic bags but everyone has a hand in this not just the consumer!!!!!

  • henry griswold posted at 9:04 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    henry griswold Posts: 218

    about time...........

  • Jammer101 posted at 8:16 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Jammer101 Posts: 1

    Are the Retailers gonna be liable for all the droped merchandise if I refuse to buy
    a ten cent paper bag?

  • Alan Bird posted at 6:53 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Alan B Posts: 2

    Every day I see plastic bags stuck to the cacti along Airport Road and caught by the fence along the North Frontage Road from Cerillos to the Downs. Once caught, they stay for months and months because they don't break down. My neighbors along Las Estrellas Road routinely walk the fence line gathering up the bags which flutter like flags of trash among the bushes and the fences. I quit accepting plastic bags ten years ago. I just keep four bags on the front seat of my car so I don't forget to walk into the stores with them.

    I urge the city council to accept the advisory committee recommendation to ban plastic bags.

    Alan Bird, La Cienega

  • Alfred Padilla posted at 6:19 am on Wed, May 15, 2013.

    Xenoace32 Posts: 341

    Here we go again another convoluted POS law that only puts a burden on those who do not support this nanny state. Wishing you people would go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under.


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