New Mexico has lost two remarkable men named George.

We've already reported that former Mayor George Gonzales, who is father of present Mayor Javier Gonzales, died. George Gonzales was mayor of Santa Fe between 1968 (elected just a few months before I moved here) and 1972.

In recent years, he was best known as the owner and found of KSWV radio in Santa Fe.

(There will be more on the former mayor in tomorrow's paper.)

Then today, a former Albuquerque television personality and weatherman Dr. George Fischbeck died in Los Angeles. He was 92.

According to a news release from Albuquerque City Hall: 

Dr. George came to New Mexico in 1946 to study Anthropology at UNM. He was also a meteorologist with the N.M. Air National Guard at Kirtland AFB. He became a much acclaimed teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools during the 1950’s. His unique teaching style leading to a weekly science show on KNME-5 in 1959, which by 1972 was being shown in 25 cities around the country.

In 1970, he added “weatherman” to his resume when he became KOB-4’s weekday forecaster ... Dr. George was also the official meteorologist for the very first Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

Another cool thing about Fischbeck: He's the only Albuquerque TV guy I've ever heard of mentioned in a Tom Waits song. At the end of "Emotional Weather Report" on Nighthawks at the Diner, Waits says, "Dr. George Fischbeck ain't got nothin' on me!" 

Read his full obit at the Los Angeles Times.

UPDATE: Here are the funeral arrangements for George Gonzales   

The following arrangements have been made for the Memorial of George Gonzales:

Thursday, March 26

6:00 PM Public Viewing, Cristo Rey Catholic Church

1120 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

7:00 PM Rosary Services, Cristo Rey Catholic Church

1120 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

Friday, March 27

10:00 AM Burial Mass, St. Francis Cathedral

131 Cathedral Place, Santa Fe, NM

Burial at Memorial Gardens, at 417 Rodeo Road, will follow immediately afterward.

There will be a public reception with the family at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center following the burial. 

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the Baby Abner Fund at Guadalupe Credit Union in Santa Fe.