LA Premiere of "The Last Word" - Arrivals

Shirley MacLaine earlier this month in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Shirley MacLaine, celebrated actress and oddball, sat down for a talk not long ago with the Times' Ruth La Ferla, and MacLaine, as she is wont to do, fired charmingly eccentric quote-rockets at every subject straying into her orbit.

On the tourism value of Southern California in the 1960s: "That was why people came to Malibu: to have an affair.”

On Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin: "They weren’t my type."

On her new film, The Last Word, which has not been well received: "The story’s not relatable."

On her renewed popularity in recent years: “If I’m click-worthy, that’s because I’m still walking upright.”

On her brother's (Warren Beatty's) calamitous screw-up at the Oscars: "Don't."

Of more interest to El Mitotero is an anecdote nestled into the conclusion of the piece, in which MacLaine, who owns a home in Santa Fe, suggests she has the goods on our tangerine-in-chief.

Donald J. Trump — who, it turns out, is president of the United States, have you heard about this? — has innumerable skeletons in his undoubtedly gauche-as-hell gold-paneled closet. We the people were made aware of some of them during the campaign. He grabs 'em. He probably doesn't pay taxes. He was maybe a racist landlord.

Of course, none of that mattered, and Trump was elected. 

But now that he's president, the hunt for those skeletons has kicked into a higher gear. See: The notorious Trump-Russia dossier, which included the salacious "golden shower" allegations.

Now the question becomes: Does Shirley MacLaine have knowledge of Donald Trump's sexual proclivities?

In the Times interview, she discusses her love life, analyzing some affairs she's carried on with "complicated men," such as Robert Mitchum.

“It gave me something to do to try to figure them out," MacLaine said. "I wanted to see how they would lead if they had power.”

Sound like she'd maybe have been interested in a certain orange someone at some point way back when? 

Their paths could've crossed. And MacLaine does know something.

Here's the Times

She hinted that she had dirt about the president.

“You’re going to want what I’ve got, it’s that good,” she teased. There was another pause.

Then, “Nope, I’m not going to say it.”

Exhaling mightily, Ms. MacLaine added, “Thank God, I’ve gotten that wise.”

No, be less wise! Tell us! Spill, Shirley, spill!

The nation must know.

Devin Nunes is never gonna ask these questions, so El Mitotero must.

Ms. MacLaine, open the vault. Give us the goods on Trump! (Please.)