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  • Shopping tips to find flea-market treasures for your home

    The arrival of spring means that flea markets are reopening for business around the country. Shoppers will hunt for treasures amid acres of used goods. A few will come home with just the right vintage art or quirky piece of furniture to make their home more beautiful.

    • Updated: April 14
  • Orchid cacti easy to grow, beautiful in bloom

    The biggest problem with growing orchid cacti is figuring out just what they are.

  • Spring is here — time to declutter

    ATLANTA — It seems as though we were a moment ago complaining about the ice of winter, with its bone-chilling temperatures, its penchant for shutting down roads and inducing us with cabin fever.

  • Welcome to the man cave

    With all of the strides made and continuing conversation regarding gender equality, the fact that our topic this month is a phenomenon strikes us as ironic, and yet the man cave is alive and well.

  • More homeowners giving bathrooms a 21st-century update

    WASHINGTON — Slava Lazebnikov can set the water temperature of the shower from the living room, program a shower playlist while having dinner and lift the toilet lid while lying in bed.

  • 220-house project to begin in April

    The Wades have been building houses in New Mexico for 60 years. The first model home in their newest project, Cielo Azul in Santa Fe, should be under construction in early April. The project is being developed by Branch Design Development, a Santa Fe company affiliated with Columbus Capital LLC. The builder is Palo Duro Homes, Albuquerque.

  • Adobe work to continue at San Miguel Chapel in the summertime

    History: San Miguel Chapel, often known as the oldest church in the country, is the key site of the Barrio de Analco National Historic Landmark District. Oral history holds that the barrio was founded by a group of Mexican Indians from Tlaxcala. An adobe chapel was constructed on the site possibly as early as 1610 under the direction of Franciscan friars to serve a small congregation of soldiers, laborers, and Indians who lived in the Barrio de Analco. It was partially destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. By the early 18th century, San Miguel had become one of the principal ecclesiastical buildings in the provincial capital. The chapel in its present form dates from 1710, although it has undergone significant structural and design changes.

  • Jewelry gallery focus of museum addition

    In addition to the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, including a new gallery to accommodate a permanent exhibition of jewelry from the museum’s vaults, will be substantially complete in June.

  • Mortgage Matters: Putin and mortgages

    In a most interesting manner, Russian president Vladimir Putin may actually be our ally. Bet that got your attention! I mean an ally of the mortgage world. Putin has become a negative force in the world, causing economic and banking uncertainty. His political aggression creates uncertainty in the U.S. stock market and this in turn helps keep mortgage rates from rising.

  • News from SFAR: $9K raised for Dollars4Schools charity

    The Santa Fe Association of Realtors (SFAR) Community Service Committee’s hard work paid off on the evening of March 3. A colorful extravaganza of beautiful costumes worn by jovial Realtors, affiliates, and guests created an enjoyable atmosphere amid the ambiance of Las Campanas. Food, fun music and dancing were exactly what the doctor ordered for the Monday evening headed into the Mardi Gras season. A heartfelt thank-you goes to our stellar Community Service Committee chair, Donna Delgado, and her volunteer team, as well as our generous partygoers.

  • Our Water Quality: Watering restrictions begin on May 1

    The irrigation season, as defined by our water conservation ordinances, starts on May 1 and ends Oct. 31. I recommend that we deal with these restrictions from the perspective that “we are all in this together.” If there is one thing we, of great diversity, have in common, it’s that we have a shared concern for future generations and what we leave them with respect to the water entitlement we all seem to presume.

  • Permaculture in Practice: Pumping water for plants, exercise

    Last month I fulfilled a dream, a dream I’ve had for a long time, a dream of pumping water with my bare hands, of lifting it with my own arms, and of letting gravity take the embedded energy to the garden, the cold frames, the compost, the chickens, the bushes, and the trees.

  • Realtor profile: Frank O’Mahony

    This interview series focuses on the people in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Frank O’Mahony, born in Dublin and a graduate of Trinity College, is the founder of, and the qualifying broker at, Evolve Santa Fe Real Estate.

  • Realtor profile: Matt Desmond

    This interview series focuses on the people in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Matt Desmond is a broker at Santa Fe Properties.

  • Recent Home & Land Sales

    Sales data for the period Feb. 19 - March 18 from Santa Fe Association of Realtors MLS reports. (Not all sales are reported.)

  • Recent city, county building permits

    Building permits issued by the CITY OF SANTA FE from mid-June to mid-July included the following:

  • Social Networking: New LinkedIn is all about you

    Are you overlooking LinkedIn.com as a social media site to network online? If so, you have missed what 277 million users already discovered. LinkedIn is no longer the place to upload a profile, add resume content, and wait for a job offer to happen. The new LinkedIn upgrades and publishing features are rapidly transforming this social networking platform into something brand new.

  • Spouses Selling Houses: Fish or cut bait?

    Twenty years of trout fishing can teach you a lot about selling real estate. That may sound odd, but you learn that fish are always hungry and homes are always selling. And there’s a big difference between fishing and catching fish and listing your house and selling your house. Here are some field notes from the front lines of trout fishing and selling real estate in Santa Fe.

  • Title News: About closing documents

    The more common types of information and documents required at a closing are:

  • Understanding Adobe: Josef Bakos and the Cinco Rellenos

    To the south side of his home at what in 1965 was the tag end of Tano Road, Josef Bakos had a large cistern. He had been building the homestead for years out of anything he could find that was inexpensive or attractively tactile. That, clearly, implied homemade adobes, salvaged lumber, and the odd sheet of corrugated galvanized tin out of which he had fashioned gutters that fed rainwater into the tank.

  • Water Energy Nexus: New tanks save water and energy

    When designing a rainwater harvesting system or a solar thermal system, it is the tank that drives the costs. Designs take into consideration how much water is needed and, in the case of rainwater systems, how much water can be harvested. These factors ultimately determine how much storage, and the tank size, that is required.

  • Your Money's Worth: Some ways to save at tax time

    It’s that time of year. If you’ve filed your taxes, congratulations! As I was working with my tax advisor, Eloisa Rivera of Tax & Accounting Solutions, LLC, she pointed out that year-round tax planning is the best way to avoid last-minute surprises. We also discussed the tax advantages of home ownership, including the mortgage-interest deduction and the capital gains tax exclusion.

  • Bright ideas for outdoor furniture

    Earthy hues that blend into the landscape tend to dominate the outdoor furniture market. Understated woods, metals and cushions are easy-to-incorporate neutral elements.

  • Santa Fe in Bloom: Pansies a good bet for early planting

    March’s warm temperatures brought a flurry of flowering fruit trees and shrubs to the area. Hopefully there will not be a late spring frost so we can enjoy the fruits come spring and summer. As the warm snap continues, just as expected, garden centers have begun to stock early annuals. This can be very tempting for spring-fevered gardeners, but my advice remains: Don’t plant until after Mother’s Day. These plants are too young and are vulnerable to the fluctuating conditions of the weather.

  • What will be the next big trends in house building?

    Is America’s love affair with big houses finally over?

  • How to keep walls, woodwork clean

    Walls can get dirty before you know it — from a splatter of spaghetti dinner to the crayon artistry of a roaming toddler to fingers simply reaching for a light switch.

  • The hole-in-the-wall gang: Do-it-yourself drywall repair

    When our plumber last month spent five minutes replacing a $15 valve in an upstairs bathroom, he fixed a mystery leak that we had hunted for a decade. We only knew about the leak because the water had corroded the drywall above our front entrance.

  • Murphy beds make a multipurpose room a guest room

    The Murphy bed — which tucks into cabinetry when not in use — is enjoying new popularity as a stylish space-saver in many kinds of homes, not just studio apartments.

  • Permaculture in Practice: On water, time’s running out for Texas

    The water situation in Santa Fe is so grim that when it rains people dance naked in the streets. OK, that’s not all bad — especially given such an attractive populace fully capable of salsas and tangos — but is it wrong to feel encouraged when a neighbor has it much worse?

  • Fast route to successful gardening? Buy smart

    Garden centers, with their vast collections of plant colors, sizes and shapes, can be intimidating to inexperienced buyers. But you can become a discerning purchaser with a little homework and by quizzing the sales people as you shop.

  • Francis Phillips: Buy before mortgage rates take off

    I keep a close watch on trends in the mortgage industry, especially what’s happening with rates. I have been very interested to see that despite the Federal Reserve Board’s recent action to taper its purchase of long-term bonds, as I write this in mid-February, rates have stayed low. Most analysts had predicted that rates would rise as soon as the taper started, so what’s going on?

  • Contemporary, and elevated

    The living room of this new, splendidly contemporary condominim boasts a gas fireplace of simple, elegant design and glass doors on two sides out to balconies. The views from this fifth-floor unit take in much of northeastern Santa Fe, the Cross of the Martyrs, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains beyond.

  • Cover thy walls

    Ever consider wallpapering? Many homes in our region are graced with plaster walls that offer their own subtle, tactile beauty. However, sometimes it is a good idea to break away from solid color and introduce a bit of whimsy or make more of a statement.

  • New chapter for La Fonda

    Very soon after a substantial renovation was completed at La Fonda on the Plaza, it was learned that the hotel was awarded a Four Diamond rating by AAA for the first time.

  • A different take on space-heating

    Most projects I design are fairly standard rainwater or thermal solar systems, but every now and then I get to do one that is far from routine. One such project involved space-heating a small master bathroom for a local couple with a high priority on living with a small energy footprint.

  • Allen Stamm’s ‘Swan Song’

    I spent a quiet Friday, Feb. 7, this year. It was an anniversary falling on the same weekday of two memorials: my mother’s and Allen Stamm’s. I couldn’t attend both, for obvious reasons, but I can certainly say that while family and friends gathered in celebratory and nostalgic fashion at Libby Hancock’s house to celebrate Mom, my mind did wander now and then to Allen.

  • Selling your home this spring?

    The market is improving, and many homeowners are planning to list their homes for sale this spring. A bit of effort, early preparation, and a few simple tricks can help your home stand out from the pack. Let us get into buyers’ heads. Most buyers have an idealistic vision of the home they want to buy: a clean, clutter- and hassle-free way of living that looks more like a magazine than average household life.

  • Stay in a historic house full of fun things to see

    What to do when you’re facing foreclosure? Everything you can think of! Especially when you absolutely adore your digs.

  • Fighting winter’s warming temps

    The month of March can be a tricky one when it comes to weather. Named after the Roman deity Mars, also known as the god of war, March is a month that has lived up to its fighting reputation not only in military battles, but in nature. Marked by high winds and radically fluctuating temperatures, this month can seem like a combat zone for even the most experienced gardener.

  • Letter to the editor

    How sad that Ms. Talbott [aka Merrily Pierson] wasted all those “hours and hours” on the internet to select masks from out of state corporate retailers when there are beautiful masks available right here in the town that supports her business.

  • Mix it up with help from Reside Home

    Two months into their new venture, the owners of Reside Home are happily positive. “Today marks our 2-month anniversary,” Fenton said on Feb. 13, “and business has exceeded our expectations. People have been excited by the look and the price point. Our walk-in traffic is also terrific.” Neighbors of the new furnishings business at 340 Read Street include Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Kowboyz, Tomasita’s Restaurant, and Barker Realty.

  • Recent city, county building permits

    Single-family building permits issued by the City of Santa Fe during the month of January included the following:

  • Recent home and land sales

    Sales data for the period Jan. 19 - Feb. 18 from Santa Fe Association of Realtors MLS reports. Not all sales are reported.

  • About real-estate restrictions, covenants

    Have you been in a real estate closing and heard for the first time the words “restrictions” and/or “covenants”? Did anyone take the time to explain them to you or were you allowed time to seek counsel for clarification based on the contract you and the seller executed? Before going to the closing? I hope so.

  • Friends of Architecture offers film screening, exhibition

    Friends of Architecture Santa Fe presents a screening of the 2013 film If You Build It at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 23. It follows designer-activists Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller working with high-school students in North Carolina’s poorest county.

  • Innovations change brokerage dynamics

    Over the last two decades the real-estate industry has gone through tremendous changes due to the advances of technology. Primarily, the dissemination of information has been transformed through computers. It used to be that brokerages considered their listings proprietary and in order to find out what was available in the market you would need to be a client of a particular firm. Now the multiple-listing service (MLS) provides a computerized database that instantly syndicates listings throughout the internet, allowing potential buyers to view virtually every detail of a home without leaving the comfort of their living room.

  • Tips on vacation homes

    Every time I travel, I will pick up a real-estate guide and look at potential vacation homes. After all, I chose the destination for travel because of a personal enjoyment for the area. Before making any offers, here are some things to consider:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing

    According to a recent report from Pew Research Center on social networking, as of September 2013, 73 percent of online adults use social networking sites. With this reality, it is critical for anyone in any kind of business to understand social networking as more than a marketing vehicle. It is a communication tool that has empowered customers. Word-of-mouth is now online and your customers are connected on social media sites and they are talking about their experience with your product or service.

  • New year, new mortgage options

    If it’s a new year, you can bet there are new mortgage regulations. New regulations from the Dodd Frank legislation and the new government agency Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have changed the climate for mortgage choices. CFPB has become one of the most powerful government agencies affecting your decision when choosing the type of lender that is right for you.

  • Our Water Quality: Water supply risk factors and the election

    With respect to water policies, proposed resolutions or ordinances pass first through the appropriate committees (Water Conservation, Finance and Public Utilities), then city staff members make recommendations to the City Council and councilors vote on the proposals. (The mayor votes in case of a tie.) Because water issues are at or near the top of almost any list of citizen concerns, we should evaluate our candidates, among our other concerns and priorities, on their knowledge of our water supply system, its inherent risks, and their abilities to make critical decisions concerning water matters.

  • Realtor profile: Judy Camp

    This interview series focuses on the people in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Judy Camp is qualifying broker at Keller Williams Realty Santa Fe.