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  • Ask a Designer: Finding beauty in subtlety

    Paint your walls a bold color and friends will likely praise your creativity. Invest in a standout piece of furniture or striking work of art and your decorating is bound to earn compliments. But creating a noteworthy room with subtle, understated elegance is a bit more complicated.

  • The Home Page: Working on climate change at home

    Although climate change has been in the forefront of scientific discussion for decades, it seems only recently that the media and the public at large have begun a serious discussion about it.

  • About the permissive easement

    An easement right gives a person license to use another person’s land for a specific purpose. The most common easements are used for installing utility lines and for wind farms. Most of the easement rights are express and implied. Others are created by permission.

  • Cornerstones at work in Galisteo

    THE BUILDING — La Sala, a Territorial-style meeting hall, was built in 1899 using the indigenous New Mexico adobe methods adapted from Native Americans and was in continuous use from the time it was built until the mid-1970s for community events such as dances, weddings, and family receptions. The structure expands on the traditional meeting hall dimensions of 20 feet x 60 feet with the addition of a stage at one end, which extends the overall length to 80 feet. The interior of the building is almost pristine with its original floorboards, bancos (benches), and door and window placement. The addition of a brick parapet also reflects the Territorial style. There is a traditional flat roof with a north-facing slope and canales (drains). La Sala de San José is one of the most important historic structures in the heart of the village of Galisteo. It is one of a small group of remaining dance halls in New Mexico, and upon completion of the project will be used for civic events.

  • Investment properties for cash flow

    Tourism in Santa Fe is a four-season affair. Summer may be prime time, but ski season, spring break, fall, and our magical end-of-year holidays bring vacationers from all over the country – and the world. Both long- and short-term (less than 30 days) rentals are increasingly popular with visitors, bringing incredible opportunities for investment-property buyers. You can achieve terrific cash flow and have your renters pay your mortgage – on 15-year mortgages!

  • On the power of Instagram

    What on earth is Instagram? It’s a social networking, mobile photo-sharing, and video-sharing service. If you are one of the 73 percent of adults already on social media to promote your business, service, or organization, then you have heard of Instagram. Yet you may not have had the time or inclination to explore another platform. If you are now more comfortable using your smartphone to make pictures and videos, then it is worthwhile to explore the power of Instagram.

  • Realtor profile: Coleen Dearing

    This interview series focuses on the people in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Coleen Dearing is an associate broker with Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty and is president of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors.

  • Recent home and land sales

    Mary Jo Hoven, 31 Willow. $120,000.

  • Summer -- time to conserve water

    The City of Santa Fe Water Division estimates that more than 40 percent of our water use in the summer goes to outdoor irrigation. Throughout the year, our highest demand for water is during our summer watering season. The hot weather puts stress on our plants and strains our water resources. Yet it is just as easy to conserve water outdoors as it is indoors.

  • The art of the mortgage

    The name of the game in Santa Fe is art and mortgages have become another art form. To produce a piece of art takes inspiration, talent, vision, and finesse. To facilitate a successful mortgage in today’s market takes the same attributes, plus an incredible degree of dedication. Both the artist and the mortgage broker strive to maximize results. Obtaining a purchase mortgage or home refinance just right for you requires planning, knowledge of the rules, knowing when to act, and sometimes coloring outside the lines. Although quality in the art world has evolved, the great masters are still the gold standard. Also true in the art of the mortgage. Those mortgage professionals who have proved over and over, through rough years, to be the artists in their field, are still the ones to choose, the ones to rely on.

  • The environmental art of Brian Arthur

    Brian Arthur is the sort of guy you want to go hiking with. Traipsing through the Pecos Wilderness may seem like just another walk in the woods for some, but when you go with Arthur, the trek quickly turns into a magical journey where the forest unearths a secret plant world that few could imagine.

  • The purpose-built vacation home

    On a recent trip to Orlando, I had the opportunity to tour the operations of an East Coast industry leader in the vacation rental marketplace. The firm is helping to set a higher standard in the property management industry. Every area in one of their homes — from furniture to kitchen utensils to décor — is hospitality-grade and decorated by an interior designer. They’ve found that homes originally designed for residential use and retrofitted to encompass hospitality-grade standards, have helped increase guest loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue.

  • Work under way at El Zaguan

    If you have gone by El Zaguan in recent weeks, you may have noticed a vintage photographic image hanging in front of the building’s streetside wall. El Zaguan is the name of the historic James L. Johnson house, 545 Canyon Road, and the home of the nonprofit Historic Santa Fe Foundation since 1979. In that hanging image, the public is shown what the building’s street facade looked like a hundred or so years ago. It helps in understanding the current work to restore the plaster surface and other elements of the wall.

  • Hop to it: Plant what you need to brew beer

    You don’t need a garden to succeed as a home brewer, but growing your own ingredients is a flavorful step up.

  • Our Water Quality: Conservation volunteers making a difference

    I have had the pleasure of working in the past year with other volunteers on the Education/Outreach Working Group of the Water Conservation Committee. They should be recognized for their considerable contributions in promoting water conservation in Santa Fe. Grace Perez, Giselle Piburn, Tim Michael and Doug Pushard are all appointed members of the WCC. These volunteers give generously and selfishly of their time. In addition, all these individuals serve on one or more other WCC working groups and also contribute their time and energy to other pro bono volunteer work in the community.

  • Millennials may be about to move out

    While the recession pushed young adults to move in with their parents, a study released last week suggests that the millennial generation is poised to move out in droves, lift the number of new households formed and maybe even transform the housing market.

  • Right at Home: Decor inspired by creepy crawlies

    Many would agree with naturalist David Attenborough that nature “is the greatest source of visual beauty.”

  • The Home Page: Compromise part of the buying process

    It is quite easy to have a long list of “must haves” when shopping for a home: the right location, the perfect view, a home that is fully updated with lovely landscaping and is in your budget. However, most homebuyers, those with a budget of several million to those with a budget of a few hundred thousand, find it difficult to find a home that meets all the criteria that they desire. If you have been looking for a long time and still haven’t found that perfect house, perhaps some compromises are in order.

  • Title News: Your rights in the real estate closing

    The last step in a transaction is the closing, but before that happens, do you know that you can shop for a settlement agent to prepare everything for the closing, or you can go with a recommendation from your real estate agent? It is your right to ask for a settlement agent, even in a cash transaction.

  • Why now is a great time to sell your home

    If timing is everything, how do you know when it’s the right time to sell? You may be waiting for your home to come back to its 2006 highs. Does this make sense if you plan to buy another home? Let’s do the math.

  • For small spaces, console tables are ideal

    Decorating a small space can be like packing for a weekend trip. There’s room for only the essentials, so every piece should be useful, versatile and worth its weight. If space is a commodity, the console table is one of the most valuable pieces on the market.

  • New nostalgia: Home decor with a retro vibe

    If you spent childhood summers on a northern lake, grew up lunching at diners and shake shacks, or took a college road trip, you’ll be all over the next big home décor trend: American retro.

  • Glorious Earth transforms Osage yard

    A street wall, created by Tobi Wilde and Adam Steinberg of Glorious Earth Landscapes, is a festive conglomeration of materials, including railroad ties, recycled concrete, broken sections of the previous front walk, chimney tile, and boulders.

  • Greywater gone wild

    We are fortunate to live in a state that allows greywater recycling on a small scale. It is a great way to conserve water and offers some nice advantages. One can accurately predict the quantity a system will produce, plus it is rich in nutrients, which is great for landscaping.

  • Master Gardener helps save the bees

    For the past decade, bee populations all over the world have been on the decline and scientists want to know why.

  • Paying it forward

    Today, online social networks are the way people communicate socially. Facebook is the leader with over 1.4 billion members worldwide. The company’s statistical data reports the average amount of time a person spends on Facebook is 15 hours and 33 minutes per month. Is this you? Since networking is essential for personal growth and business success, our staggering use of social media to communicate has changed how we connect, establish trusting relationships, and build businesses. Do you ever wonder about the benefits you receive from vaguely knowing, liking and following people in your online social network? If so, you might consider the difference between marketing and paying it forward.

  • Realtor profile: Mike Baker

    This interview series focuses on the people in Santa Fe’s real-estate industry. Mike Baker is a broker with Sotheby’s International Realty.

  • Unlikely al fresco

    It’s no mystery that Realtors spend a lot of time at restaurants entertaining their clients, and we are often asked where are the best places to eat. Now that the temperature and weather are most favorable, eating outdoors is the way to go. There are many well-established, even world-renowned, restaurants here in Santa Fe that are perfect for outdoor dining but also many not so well-known, unlikely al fresco restaurants that are worth checking out. Here is a look at some unlikely places to find great food and fun outdoor dining with a festive atmosphere.

  • Recent city, county building permits

    Building permits issued by the CITY OF SANTA FE during the month of April included the following:

  • Recent home & land sales

    Sales data for the period April 19-May 18 from Santa Fe Association of Realtors MLS reports. (Not all sales are reported.)

  • Investment property: a great wealth-builder

    When most of us think of investments we think of the stock market, maybe our retirement fund. It is easy to describe investments one-dimensionally. Investment real estate, however, builds wealth simultaneously four ways.

  • How to coexist peacefully with your books

    I love books. Not just reading them, but how they smell, the weight of them in my hands, the feel of the pages when I turn them. So naturally, I have a lot, culled from all stages of my life.

  • Your Money’s Worth: 15 is the new 30 — save $100K-plus

    I’m going to crunch numbers with you this month. Yes, we’re going to do some mortgage math. Don’t turn the page — I want to show you how much money you can save over the life of a loan by taking a 15-year term rather than a 30-year term. These examples here are for illustration only. Remember to consult your tax adviser for any tax questions. Ready?

  • Bathroom grab bars get stylish

    The renovation of the master bathroom in my 83-year-old father’s new house turned out beautifully, with a frameless glass shower and handmade ceramic tile accents. Neither of us wanted to make it look institutional with a grab bar.

  • Santa Fe In Bloom: A great choice for garden shade

    May has arrived just in time for restless gardeners to journey back to their favorite destination: nature. The winter and early spring period lived up to a fickle reputation with its unexpected high temperatures mixed with furious winds and bitter frosts. But now we can relax and watch the scenery become painted in vibrant hues and rich textures.

  • New director takes over at Historic Santa Fe Foundation

    Peter Warzel is the new director of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. He replaces Elaine Bergman, who resigned in July 2013.

  • A May display of historic-church photos

    For 25 years, Jim Gautier has photographed historic churches and other buildings for Cornerstones, a Santa Fe nonprofit that works with communities to restore their important, aging buildings.

  • Authentically Designed: The ultimate nest

    The bed plays a large physical and visual role in the bedroom, so why not make it as beautiful as it is comfortable?