• Paternity leave increases in popularity

    A generation of young fathers tell pollsters they want to be more than a paycheck, or the fun dad on weekends, and instead to be fully involved in parenthood.

  • Cure for toddler head-banging: Calm mom, cozy rug

    Tantrums are one symptom of childhood bipolar disorder, but almost all toddlers throw tantrums, and very few later are found to be bipolar.

  • Kid’s Take on Movies: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’

    It’s been years since the Decepticons and the Autobots battled for the fate of the humans in Chicago, and human defenses against alien forces are at an all-time high. A government branch of humans is targeting all Transformers, Autobots and Decepticons alike, with the help of a menacing assassin.

  • Social media’s vampires: They text by night

    With myriad electronic ways to socialize, gossip and explore hobbies, tech-addicted teenagers are getting even fewer hours of sleep.

  • Kid’s take on movies: ‘Earth to Echo’

    This is an adventure Hollywood has been waiting for. This is not just another story about helping an alien to get to its home planet, Earth to Echo is an emotional and fun adventure that many kids will love and cherish for generations.

  • Living with Children: When your kid won’t stop telling lies

    Question: We are very concerned about our 8-year-old grandson’s lying. He always pleads innocence and wonders plaintively why no one ever believes him. When someone confronts him with some misdeed they saw him do (example: poking holes in the back door screen), he merely shrugs his shoulders and grins. His parents have punished him repeatedly by taking away screen privileges, but to no avail. They’ve also told him the story of the boy who cried wolf to explain why no one believes him. This has been going on since he was a small child. We are all concerned about what is looming down the road.

  • What age is ideal for children to take swim lessons?

    As swimming programs — including those for children as young as 6 months — proliferate, a difficult question remains: At what age is it ideal for children to take swim lessons?

  • Living with Children: Be patient, positive when potty training

    So the keys to relatively quick toilet training are a relaxed but authoritative approach, planning and structure.

Sunday Spotlight: Risky move from academia launched man’s art career

Paul Milosevich traveled the path filled with uncertainty. He left behind the stability of campus life and a guaranteed paycheck to test himself in the competitive art world.

Camp aims to build understanding between Palestinian and Israeli girls

Against an international backdrop of mistrust and violence, a small group of young women in a camp in Northern New Mexico is working to break down barriers of prejudice and promote peace.

Living with Children: Sassiness shouldn’t be ‘normal’ for 5-year-old

It is certainly true that television and electronics in general have altered the behavior of children. Too many of today’s kids pick up a very inappropriate manner of talking from sit-coms. After all, this sassy manner is almost always followed by the laugh track.