Elections 2014


Senate race David Clements Allen Weh
36.99% 63.01%
951/1493 precincts fully reporting 24,173 41,170
House race Robert Blanch Ben Ray Lujan
12.40% 87.60%
6,806 48,096
415/521 precincts fully reporting
State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg John Wertheim
52.54% 47.46%
57,848 52,245
951/1493 precincts reporting
County Commission Kenneth Borrego Daniel Mayfield Henry Roybal
15.09% 41.58% 43.34%
659 1,816 1,893
89/89 precincts reporting
County Magistrate Marcus Romero Donita Sena
35.45% 64.55%
5,534 10,078
89/89 precincts reporting
Probate Judge Katherine Basham Shannon Broderick Frank Fischer
40.31% 42.86% 16.83%
6,458 6,866 2,696
89/89 precincts reporting
County Assessor Gus Martinez Phillip Pacheco Sef Valdez
57.29% 32.25% 10.36%
8,956 5,057 1,619
89/89 precincts reporting
PRC Edward Michael Lynda Lovejoy Theresa Becenti-Aguilar
21.40% 46.32 32.62%
4,263 9,375 6,601
132/278 precincts reporting
District Judge Yvonne Quintana David Thomson Matthew Wilson
31.26% 35.65% 33.09%
7,277 8,299 7,704
106/148 precincts reporting
House D. 43 Vincent Chiravelle Geoff Rodgers
46.68% 53.32%
737 842
29/31 precincts reporting


Precincts reporting number of votes % of votes
1492/1493 43,609 35.02
Precincts reporting number of votes % of votes
1492/1493 28,197 22.64%
Precincts reporting number of votes % of votes
1492/1493 24,677 19.82%
Precincts reporting number of votes % of votes
1492/1493 17,775 14.27%
Precincts reporting number of votes % of votes
1492/1493 10,234 8.22%
Democrat seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Luján faces ‘super uphill battle’

The race for the Democratic nomination in New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District pits a handsomely funded incumbent with an established political name, Ben Ray Luján, against Robert Blanch, an upstart transplant running on a populist platform and a shoestring budget.

2 incumbent lawmakers trailing in primary contests

ALBUQUERQUE — Five incumbent lawmakers survived primary election challenges, but two veteran lawmakers appeared headed for defeat in contests that remained tight a day after voters went to the polls.

Primary election information

The New Mexico primary election will be Tuesday, June 3, 2014. On election day, all polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..

Voter Registration:

New Mexico has a closed primary: only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary, and only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary. Under New Mexico election laws, voters who declined to state a party affiliation when registering can’t vote in the primary.

The last day to register for this year’s primary election was May 6. If you re-registered and failed to indicate a political party, even if you had been a Democrat or Republican on previous registrations, you are listed as Declined to State (DTS) and cannot vote in the primary. Your Voter Information card lists your party if you indicated a political party. If you have questions, call 505-986-6280.

Absentee Ballots:

You can apply for an absentee ballot up until Friday, May 30, although the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office encourages voters not to wait until the last minute. The last day the clerk’s office can send out absentee ballots is Friday, May 30. To apply for an absentee ballot, you can go online (http://www.santafecountynm.gov/userfiles/ABGeraldine.pdf) to print an application, or call the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office (505-986-6280) to request an application.

Early Voting at Clerk’s Office:

You can vote early at the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office through May 31, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., including lunch hours. Voting will also occur on Saturday, May 31st, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The clerk’s office will be closed Monday, May 26, in observance of Memorial Day.

Early Voting at Alternate Sites:

Early voting at alternate sites begins Saturday, May 17, and ends Saturday, May 31. Days and hours for these sites are as follows: Tuesday through Friday, from noon until 8 p.m., and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. These sites are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

The alternate sites for early voting are at the following locations:

• Old Edgewood Fire Station – 25 E. Frontage Road, Edgewood

• El Dorado Senior Center – 16 Avenida Torreon, Eldorado

• Santa Fe County Fair Building – 3229 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe

• Pojoaque County Satellite Office – 5 W. Gutierrez, Suite 9, Pojoaque

For more information, consult the county clerk’s web page (http://www.santafecountynm.gov/clerk) or call the Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office (505-986-6280).

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