As the #1 media brand in Northern New Mexico, we are powerful enough to bring you a mass audience and flexible enough to feature unique solutions for niche audiences. From our flagship newspaper to the latest web and mobile offerings, our products deliver the audiences that drive results.

Get Noticed

If you could present to an audience the size of a sellout crowd at The Pit in Albuquerque every day, what would you say about your business? How would you reach those in attendance with what you do, and help drive interest and sales in your business or organization? With the reach of The Santa Fe New Mexican, you can have that quality and size of platform everyday in the form of advertising in the pages of the daily paper.

Reaching a college-educated, affluent and diverse readership, The Santa Fe New Mexican delivers award-winning advertising design with unrivaled presence in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Target your print advertisement campaign to an engaged, loyal subscriber base with color ads across pages filled with award winning journalism. Find your message delivered to porches, patios, supermarkets, gas stations and coffee shops all over Santa Fe, with the best market penetration in the county. Looking to create deliver a custom crafted ad insert featuring your own content? We can build that advertising message and deliver it inserted with the daily paper.

of newspapers around the world."

- The Newseum, November 7, 2012, Washington D.C.

"Daily Newspaper
Class E, National Award for General Excellence

- Local Media Association, 2012

"Daily Newspaper Class 1
E.H. Shaffer Award for

- New Mexico Press Association, 2012

The Most Magazines Dedicated to Santa Fe & Northern New Mexico

Since 1849, The Santa Fe New Mexican delivers Santa Fe to New Mexico's state capital and northern New Mexico daily. An institution in civic and private life, The New Mexican is a family owned, locally operated newspaper specializing in award-winning community journalism, a dedicated education beat, and state government coverage. The New Mexican provides 60,000 daily readers with a vital slice of news, information, and advertising messages everyday.

When Santa Fe is ready to play, it turns to Pasatiempo.

Santa Fe's #1 Source for Arts and Entertainment News

  • 22,000 Weekly Circulation | 60K+ Readership | Friday Distribution
  • 64-80 pages ORIGINAL content - no syndication/wire
  • Most-read/most comprehensive Santa Fe event calendar

"It has been noted that an average issue of Pasatiempo has the same amount of editorial material as does a Sunday New York Times Arts and Leisure section."

- Richard Gaddes, retired director of the Santa Fe Opera in his letter supporting the nomination of Pasatiempo for its 2009 New Mexico Governor's Award "Major Contributor to the Arts."

Who reads Pasatiempo Magazine?

Those who come to Santa Fe to experience its culture and all it has to offer. From vacationers, to seasonal residents, to long-time Santa Feans - Pasatiempo readers enjoy the thrill of new ideas and experiences and have a deep appreciation for the arts. Internationally-renowned arts festivals and generous local benefactors help Santa Fe to support an arts community on par with major metropolitan cities. For local patrons of the arts, Pasatiempo stands alone as the go-to resource for arts and culture event information.

Pasatiempo Rates

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Special Section Magazines

We've got magazines for every event & season in Santa Fe.

Why our Special Section Magazines?

The Santa Fe New Mexican has special section magazines for what's happening in Santa Fe all year round. From our Health & Wellness Guide to Santa Fe Festival Markets special sections, to our seasonal visitors' guides - The Santa Fe New Mexican publishes magazines that empower our readership about current events and information that gets readers' to interact with the Santa Fe community.

With over 400 years of history, Santa Fe is a unique and eclectic community filled with locals, a tourist base from all over the world and an socially active mindset. The Santa Fe New Mexican special section magazines provide the Santa Fe community, as a whole, with the tools it needs to participate in Internationally-renowned arts festivals, local historic events, Santa Fe culture, art and more.

Special Section Magazine Rates

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Any Way You Want It!

Whether your online advertising is designed to drive customers to your retail location, send them to your web site or increase top-of-mind awareness, it belongs on the

Tailor your marketing campaign with a three-, six- or 12-month campaign. We can create an online campaign for you, or use your existing print or other media files. All ads rotate within position, based on priority, and target total impressions.