General Advertising Policy

Placement of advertising in The Santa Fe New Mexican (herein called the "Publisher" and/or "Newspaper") shall be subject to the following conditions:


To ensure publication, Advertiser must meet all current deadline schedule requirements. Advance deadlines may become necessary to meet holiday demands or special circumstances. The deadline for a reservation and cancellation is the same. Advertising space canceled after deadline may be billed at 50% of the rate.

Editorial Style Ads

All editorial-style ads must contain the word "advertisement" in minimum 8 pt. type across the top center of the ad. Advertising that mimics the editorial style or typeface of The New Mexican is prohibited.

Political Advertising

Political advertising is accepted, is non-commissionable, and must be paid in advance at the current political rate. All political ads must contain a financial responsibility disclaimer including the name of person(s) and phone number, or e-mail address of the organization(s) responsible for the ad. Names used in ads may require verification or identification. New political claims or issues in ads may not be published within two days of any election.

Brokered Advertising

The Publisher deals directly with its local advertisers and does not accept local brokered advertising.


The New Mexican will not knowingly publish any copyrighted materials. The Advertiser assumes all responsibility for obtaining permission to use any trademarked material. Publisher shall not be liable for any copyright infringement by advertisers.

Right to Edit/Reject

The Publisher reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to edit, classify, cancel or reject at any time any advertising copy submitted by Advertiser for any reason. All advertising is subject to Publisher approval.

Position of Advertisements

The Publisher shall have full latitude with respect to positioning all advertisements. Publisher will use its reasonable effort to accommodate Advertiser's positioning requests, however, position of advertisements is not guaranteed. Advertisers may purchase, for a 25% premium, designated sections or pages in certain publications as available. Failure to accommodate a guaranteed position results in a credit for the 25% premium only.


You may request to see an electronic version proof from your Account Executive. Tearsheets are available upon request either following ad publication or accompanying the billing statement.

Ownership of Advertising Copy

All advertising copy which represents the creative effort of the Newspaper, illustrations, labor, photos, composition and materials, is and remains the property of the Publisher, including all rights of copyright herein. The Advertiser understands and agrees it cannot authorize reproduction, in whole or in part, of any such advertising copy for use in any other medium without the Publisher's prior written consent.

Orders Received

Forwarding of an advertising order or space reservation is considered acceptance of all current rates and conditions. Facsimile or other electronic means may be used to send such insertion orders, agreements and other instructions.


No representative of The New Mexican is authorized to make oral modifications to the rates and regulations contained in this rate card. Any modifications or alterations must be in writing and approved by the Advertising Director and Publisher. This rate card cancels and supersedes all previous retail rate cards.

Non-Profit Organizations

Charitable non-profit organizations must have a 501(c)3 on file in order to receive the non-profit rate at Publisher's discretion.