Boyd: SFPS $2.2M budget shortfall not ‘worst-case scenario’

Santa Fe Public Schools is facing a likely deficit in the range of $1.4 million to $2.2 million for school year 2016-17.

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Dueling Macbeths: The Shakespeare Riot and its effects

In 1849, Shakespeare's plays were performed around campfires, on tiny stages and in front of miners. Performances inspired such passions that in New York City, 10,000 people brawled over dueling MacBeth shows. 

Regulatory gaps leave unsafe lead levels in water nationwide

Although Congress banned lead water pipes 30 years ago, between 3.3 million and 10 million older ones remain, primed to leach lead into tap water by forces as simple as jostling during repairs or a change in water chemistry.

Nambé casino banking on ‘boutique-style’ ambience, solid customer service

As part of its efforts to stand out from two, much larger pueblo gaming halls nearby, Nambé Falls Casino, which held its grand opening Saturday, is going out of its way to not look like a tribal casino.

Author, 9, becomes voice for gifted, dyslexic

Nine-year-old author Denim Padberg didn’t just sit down one day at his home in the quaint Northern New Mexico community of Dixon and decide to pen his thoughts on the birth of the universe and his theories on black holes.

Love for the Broncos binds the Ossorgin family of Arroyo Hondo

For the Ossorgins, football isn’t a way of life so much as the Broncos are. The living room is a shrine to their favorite team, which happens to be playing today in the nation’s biggest sporting event of the year — Super Bowl 50.

Celebrations, Feb. 7, 2016

Victor and Navi Baca of Santa Fe are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married Feb. 12, 1966, at Ranchos de Taos Presbyterian Church in Ranchos de Taos.

Laos town reaps benefits, drawbacks of UNESCO World Heritage Site designation

Luang Prabang weaves a never-never land spell on many a visitor. But locals began an exodus after their hometown was listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and sold itself wholesale to tourism.

‘WELL Building’ pilot planned at Las Soleras

The project named Soleras Station will offer housing for a range of residents, including disabled persons, the previously homeless, and those with limited income.

Don’t stress: There are lots of options — and support — no matter what you decide to do after high school

Life after high school can offer a variety of paths for teens who are just entering adulthood. Most students attend college, some take gap years, some enter the workforce, some join the armed forces and some choose to do nothing at all.

Tesla owners urge legislators to overhaul dealership law

New Mexico is one of a handful of states that prohibit a car manufacturer from offering direct services to the public without going through an agency agreement with a locally owned dealership.

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